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Handmade felt is made by layering clean wool roving or fleece, adding some soap, hot water and agitation. An easy way to make small felted projects is in your kitchen sink. I used a pizza pan as the form for this circular felted pillow.
felt pillow

White Heart

I made the white heart for the centre of the pillow first. I used white merino top for the heart.

  • Pull the roving into small sections and layer them onto the pizza pan.
  • Fill your kitchen sink with about an inch of hot water and add a bit of dish soap.
  • Emmerse the pizza pan, with the layers of white roving into the hot water.
  • Work the wool with your finger tips, massaging it, until it begins to felt.
  • If any holes start to form, rearrange the wool to maintain an even thickness
  • Keep working at the wool until it reaches the “green” stage.
  • The Green stage is when the wool starts to hold together and maintain its’ shape.
  • Then rinse the wool to remove some of the soap.
  • Remove the white felted wool from the water, and cut it into a heart shape.
    felt pillow

    Red Felt Layer

    I used Red Merino wool top for this felt pillow.

    • Pull the red merino wool into small sections, as you did for the white felt piece.
    • Arrange the wool into an even layer onto the pizza pan, keeping all the wool locks laying in the same direction. (vertically)
    • Arrange another layer of wool over the first, laying the wool locks in the opposite direction. (horizontally)
    • Repeat the layers again until you have at least 4 layers of wool, evenly arranged on the pizza pan.
    • Sprinkle a few drops of dish soap onto the wool, so that it is a bit sticky.
    • Place the white heart into the centre of the red wool
    • If the water in the sink has cooled, replace it with hot water and a bit more soap.
    • Emmerse the pizza pan, and wool into the sink.
    • Again, work the wool until it starts to felt.
    • Tuck the edges of the wool inside the pizza pan, so that your felt maintains its’ circular shape.
    • Keep pressing, gently massaging and working the wool until it becomes quite hard.
    • Pay particular attention to working the white felt heart into the red wool, as well.
    • You can check the hardness of the wool, by running your fingernail across it.
    • The wool should hold its shape and not move about.
    • The white heart should also be firmly in place, with no loose edges.
    • Drain the water from the sink and rinse the felt thoroughly to remove the soap.
    • Give a final rinse in cold water to harden the felt.
    • Squeeze out the excess water and lay the felt out to dry thoroughly.


    You can make another piece of felt for the backing of the pillow or another piece of cloth (maybe handwoven?) for the back of the pillow.

    Sew the edges of the pillow together and fill with fibrefill or other pillow stuffing.

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