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The Picks

Some of the recent updates to pages:
How to Weave Rya Rug Backing

Why Do I Spin Wool

How to Sew a Face Mask
With the Covid19 virus epidemic it may be time to think about making your own face masks.

How to Make Bias Tape

Plant Dyes and Your Health
Wearing naturally plant dyed textiles can be good for you.

Anti-microbial Effects of Natural Dyes
In my ongoing research about natural plant dyes, I found several links to information about the possible anti-microbial effects of natural plant dyes.

Sigga Heddle Band Weaving

No Nylon Sock Knitting
Is Nylon really necessary in a knitted sock?

Naalbinding Patterns

Fish Tanning
The Raanu Rug
Hazards of Loom Dust
Paivatar Tablet Weaving Cards
Skein Winder Yardage Counter
Nalbinding Stitches

My Life with Breast Cancer
A Piece of Celery

Dye Flora
How to Scour Linen and Cotton
Alkanet Root Plant Dye

Spin Flora
Distaff Spinning
How to spin flax or hemp using a distaff.
Spin Flora not Fauna
My week-long handspinning workshop at the AGWSD Summer School 2017.

Glimakra Band Loom
How to Weave Pickup on a Band Loom – Simplified
How to Warp a Glimakra Band Loom

Saami Band Weaving

Beaivi Loom Video
A video I made on how to weave with a Sami-style 2 hole rigid heddle loom.
Grene Saami Braided Edge Finish
How to weave a Saami band onto a woven blanket.

Nalbinding Stitches
A brief summary of various nalbinding stitches and how to make them.
How to Make a Russian Join

How to Warp a Loom
Front to Back Warping Method
How to warp a table loom using the Front to Back warping method.
10 Steps – How to Warp a Loom

Rug Weaving
Greek Flokati Rugs
How to weave a Greek style Flokati rug.
History of the Rya Rug