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Alpaca/Llama Yarns & Spinning Fibres Sources, farms and information about camelid fibre producers, alpaca, llama and suppliers of yarn and spinning fibre.

Angora Rabbit Yarns & Spinning Fibres Breeders and suppliers of fluffy angora bunnies, weaving yarn and fibre for the handspinner or crafter.

Baby Blankets Free patterns for weaving things for babies.


Mushroom and Fungi Dye Recipes

Natural dye recipes for dyeing with fungi. […]

Index of Member Articles

Index of weaving articles written by our members. […]

Index of Miscellaneous weaving articles 2003

Index of weaving articles – 2003 […]

Index of Weaving articles 2002

Index of weaving articles: countermarche looms, paper weaving, stinging nettle yarn […]

2001 Articles Index

Weaving and Handspinning articles, 2001 […]

Index of Craft Links

Index of Links and resources – All Fiber Arts […]

2000 Weaving and Spinning Articles Index

Index of weaving and handspinning articles – 2000 […]

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