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All about looms [...]

Counterbalance Looms

Yes, you can get a good shed on a counterbalance loom. It is just a matter of balance. The main thing to remember, is if the loom tie-ups are not centered, then weight of the shafts are not balanced, and you will not be able to get an even shed.

You can even weave [...]

Warping Board Plans

Free plans for how to make a warping board. [...]

How to Tie up a Countermarche Loom

Instructions on How to Tie up a Countermarche Loom [...]

Countermarche Looms

Types of Countermarche Looms [...]

All About Looms, Suppliers and Equipment

All about weaving looms, both big and small [...]

Snickeri Countermarche Loom

My New Loom

(2006) After much waiting, searching, and deciding I have just purchased a new loom to add to my collection. This one is an 8 shaft countermarche made by Snickeri Looms of Sweden.I chose this one because it fits much more comfortably into my smallish flat in London. The loom is very [...]

EBay Crafts - Canada

Spinning wheels and weaving looms at Ebay Canada [...]

EBay Crafts - France

Weaving looms and spinning wheels at Ebay France. [...]

EBay Crafts - Australia

Used spinning wheels and weaving looms at Ebay Australia. [...]

EBay Crafts - UK

EBay UK – weaving looms, spinning wheels, crafts. [...]

Burchard Counterbalance Loom - For Sale

SOLD Large, old wooden loom for sale. Made by The Burchard Weaver’s in Oakland, CA. This is a functional counterbalance, floor loom. 42″ weaving width. No comb or sectional beam. Great for beginners. Attached are photos of the loom assembled and disassembled. $150 + shipping (likely via UPS). Please email me with questions or [...]

How to Weave Tapestry on a Vintage Spears Loom

Spears Loom No 3 – how to warp and weave a tapestry [...]

Used Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom For Sale

For sale: a used Dorothy table loom. [...]

Tapestry Looms - EBay Watch

Where to find the latest used weaving looms on EBay [...]

Inkle Weaving Looms

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