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Mushroom and Fungi Dye Recipes

Natural dye recipes for dyeing with fungi. [...]

Cortinarius Semisanguineus - Fungi Dye Recipe

Cortinarius Semisanguineus mushroom gives orange and red colored dye – Fungi Dye Recipe [...]

Natural Dye Books

Books and recipes about using natural dyes [...]

Western Red Cedar Dyeplant

Dyeing with Western Red Cedar [...]

Urine Fleece and Natural Dyes

The use of urine in washing wool & dyeing fleece or yarns [...]

Dyed Easter Eggs from your Kitchen

Dyeing Easter eggs and wool using natural dyes found in your kitchen. [...]

Natural Dyes and Mordants

A selection of Natural Dyes and Mordants [...]

Brazilwood Dye recipe

A simple dye recipe for dyeing reds, pinks and corals with Brazilwood. [...]

How To Index

How to Make an Alum Mordant How to Dye Bananas How to Dye Bedstraw How to Dye Beets How to Dye Bloodroot How to Dye Brazilwood How to Dye Clematis How to Dye Cochineal How to Dye Coreopsis How to Dye Dahlias How to Dye Hollyhocks How to Dye Kamala How to Dye Rhododendron [...]

How To Make a Tin Mordant

How To Make a Tin Mordant recipe [...]

How To Make a Rhubarb leaf mordant

How To Make a Rhubarb leaf mordant recipe [...]

How To Mordant Cotton and Linen Yarns

How To Mordant Cotton and Linen Yarns recipe [...]

How To Dye Strawberry Blite

How To Dye Strawberry Blite recipe [...]

How To Dye Sandalwood

How To Dye Sandalwood recipe [...]

How To Dye with Rhubarb Roots

How To Dye with Rhubarb Roots recipe [...]

How To Dye With Bloodroot

How To Dye With Bloodroot recipe [...]

Using Lichens and Dyes

Classifying Lichen – Dyeing with Lichen [...]

Cedar Bark Weaving

Cedar Bark weaving on the west coast of British Columbia [...]

1998 Articles

Index of weaving articles and posts – 1998. [...]

Weaving in the Andes

Weaving in the Andes- [...]

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    In this class you will learn to make a pattern muslin that will be fitted to your body. You will make felted fabric of fibers from the sheep and create one-of-a-kind material for your project. I will show...
  • Nunofelt Basics: Method to Product (Coupeville, WA)
    This is a two-day workshop in which we will learn the fundamental steps to create a textural fabric. On Day 1: Students will experiment with fabrics and methods to achieve a variety of texture effects....
  • Layered Surface Design Techniques (Coupeville, WA)
    In this multi-layered technique, students will explore screen printing of black imagery on white silk as a base on which to layer Japanese wax resist dyeing (up to six hand-painted layers). Top layer,...
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    Gwen has designed this class especially for MISA based on ideas presented in her newest book 37 Sketches. During the workshop you will explore abstract design by making small fabric studies. Gwen thinks...