Old Spinning Wheel - Spinning & Weaving Music

Mp3 -Old Spinning Wheel – Spinning & Weaving Music […]

Four Loom Weaver - Spinning & Weaving Music Clips

Four Loom Weaver – mp3, Audio clips and music about spinning and weaving […]

Dance Around the Spinning Wheel

Dance Around the Spinning Wheel – mp3 music clips […]

The Handloom Weaver's Lament - Spinning & Weaving Music Clips

The Handloom Weaver’s Lament – Mp3 Audio clips and music about spinning and weaving […]

O Hi Ri Lean: A Spinning Song - Spinning & Weaving Music Clips

O Hi Ri Lean: A Spinning Song

From her album I See Winter, Catherine-Ann MacPhee performs the song O Hi Ri Lean: A Spinning Song.

Mp3: Listen

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