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Advancing Twill
Sandra wove these advancing twill scarves in ramie and silk.

Altar Cloths
Joy wove these beautiful altar cloths.

handwoven towels
Handwoven towels
Beginner Rugs on a Rigid Heddle
Telly joined us at Chat a few weeks ago. She had never woven before but wanted to learn how. With a few words of encouragement, she borrowed her daughter's rigid heddle loom. Telly is now a weaver!!
Black Ice & Northern Lights
Marina wove these shawls in silk, wool, rayon and beads.

Cat's Trail & Butterfly Scarves in Overshot
Anne wove these overshot scarves in Cat's Trail and Butterfly designs.
Catalogne Rugs
Recycling - Caroline wove this beautiful rug with rags.
Collecting Antique Coverlets
Karen shows off her great find! Antique coverlets.

Color Gamp Baby Blankets
A colorful baby blanket woven in Gertrude's Fancy by Willan.

Kid Hats
Our members spin and knit hats for kids undergoing chemotherapy.
Doubleweave Pickup
Tantrika demonstrates the double weave pick-up technique.

Doubleweave Rag Rugs
Rag rugs woven in 12 shaft doubleweave by Marianne.

Guild Project
Marina O'Connor shows us a project that her guild worked on. Everyone was given 4 balls of yarn, each a different colour and the challenge was to weave something using the yarns.

Handspun Romney/Blue Leicester & Knitted Hats
Stella spun some Romney, Blue Leicester and black llama, which she dyed and then knit into hats.

Huck Lace Baby Blankets
A new weaver "bakes" some lovely baby blankets in huck lace.
Huck Baby Blanket Draft
Marina uses this draft for weaving baby blankets.
I Hate Knitting!
Karen thought she hated knitting - until she tried it with her handspun yarns.
Knitted Baby Sweater
Jessie demonstrates her knitting talents with this baby sweater, socks and a really cute cow.
Knitted Slip Stitch Socks
Jessie knit these socks as part of a fiber socks challenge.

Koolaid Mittens
Linda found that Kool-aid dyes can be bright and colourful as she spun the wool on a drop spindle and Navajo-plied the yarn to keep the colours pure.

Lace Workshop
Sandra attended a workshop on lace. Here are some creative ways to design in huck lace.
Lavender Sachets
Lavender Sachets woven in Batchelor's Button and Briar Beauty by Christina.

Learning to love Orange
Sandra met the challenge of learning to love orange while weaving these fall towels.

Lee's Surrender Coverlet
Karen wove a beautiful version of Lee's Surrender as a coverlet for her bed.

Painted Warps
Sandra shows off her Painted warps scarves.

Pillowcase Edging
Norma turned a narrow piece of weaving into an edging for her pillows.

Pleated & Bubble Wrap Scarves
Marina O'Connor wove some interestingly beautiful pleated scarves and bubble wrap fabric.

Quilt Block Baby Blankets
Marina wove some gorgeous baby blankets using a 6 shaft quilt block design.

Raffle Blankets & Bookmarks
The Salem Fiber Art's Guild wove some blankets for their raffle.

Rigid Heddle Weaving
Kat Walton isn't limited in what she can make with drop spindles and rigid heddle looms.

Spindle Spinspirations
Kat Walton shows what can be done with a drop spindle.

Spinning Llama
Karen is the proud owner of 5 bags of llama fur.

T-Shirt Rug
Telly turns old t-shirts into rag rugs.

Tejido Hollandes Technique
Tantrika shows us the Tejido Hollandes technique she learned at a workshop by Erica de Ruiter. She has also woven some lovely altar cloths.

Twill Jacket
Katie wove a beautiful and cozy jacket in twill, embellished with braidwork.

Wagon Wheel Rugs
Virginia Tinkle tells how to weave a circular rug using a bicycle tire or a hula hoop.

Warping Board Plans
Ruthanne gives some free plans for making a warping board.

White Shawl
Marina wove a beautiful shawl: smooth wool, fluffy mohair, unmercerized cotton plied with gold, and shiny boucle rayon plied with wool, all in natural white.
Wool Dogs
Elizabeth Flower Anderson Miller has researched the use of wool dogs by the First Nations people of the Pacific northwest.

Member Gallery

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