Free Warping Board Plans

Warping Board Plans **UPDATED PAGE**

Ruthanne designed these plans for making your own warping board.

This board will hold a 16 yard warp.
(Eliminate the posts with the X and it will hold a 14 yard warp)


4 - 1x4 red oak boards - 4 ft. long
4 - 1" hardwood dowels - 3 ft long
8 - 1 1/4" wood screws
wood glue
polyurethane varnish - Satin finish

Oak Boards
2 @ 40 1/4"
2@ 26"

Hardwood Dowels
4 @ 6 3/4" (marked A)
17@ 6" (or 15 @ 6")
Holes for the posts are drilled through the frame posts
(We had to grind down a 1" spade bit to fit the dowels)

Boards are overlapped with the short boards in front
Glued and screwed together from the back
with countersunk wood screws

Posts are beveled on one end
and glued into place

Everything is sanded and given one cote of Satin Polyurethane varnish.

Warping Board Plans
warp board plans
Warping Board Plans


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