Weaving Looms

Vertical Beam Loom
Ground Loom
Warp Weighted Loom
Backstrap Loom
Chinese Foot Loom

Mothers of Invention Exhibit

This exhibit at the Textile Museum of Canada explored key developments in the textile arts that can be traced back to a single pre-historic thread. The exhibit demonstrates artistic and cultural expression using the medium of textiles and the extraordinary techonological innovations which have led human kind to the textiles of today. Mothers of Invention included textiles from archaeological sources and the Museum's 8500 piece permanent collection.
Weft-faced Ikat - Bali
Red and Navy Woolen Shawls
Obi Sash
Orenberg Lace

25 Stories

When cloth comes to the Museum, it carries 2 kinds of stories. This exhibit features pieces that show the social, religious and commercial narratives that textiles tell. How it left its home and found its way to the Museum and how it was made and what it meant to the people who made it.

Rose and Star Coverlets
Handwoven Quilts
Textile Museum of Canada