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Free webclipart with an arts, crafts and textiles theme.

Craft Clip Art

Balls, Bolls and Wheels
Pictures of a ball of yarn, a cotton boll, a Saxony spinning wheel, a woman spinning and cones of yarn.
Clip Art Flowers
Free clip art, screen savers and wallpaper of wild flowers and plants.

Cotton & Silk
Pictures of a cotton gin, and silk reeling.
Clipart Kimonos
Wallpaper for your computer, based on kimonos displayed at the Canadian Museum for Textiles.
Dye Vats, Looms, Needlework
Pictures of a dye vat, mechanical loom and weaver and needlework.

Pictures of flax retting, drying, spreading, scutching and a linen fair.

Overshot Clipart Buttons
Dress up your desktop with some Overshot buttons and wallpaper for your computer, with related weaving drafts.

Lowell Mill Weavers
Picture of 2 women weavers, a drawing of a woman at work at a loom, and sheet music for the Song of the Spinners.

Silk Worms
Pictures of silk worms and silk moths.

Spindles & Buttons
Clip art spindles and overshot buttons.

Photos of tapestry weavers at work.

Textiles Postage Stamps
Weaving, spinning and textile related postage stamps can be used as clipart on your webpages. Just don't alter the design.

WPA Posters
Works Progress Administration posters featured artisans and their tools. Pictures of weavers, spinning wheels, pottery, wood carving.

Wool & Wheels
Airing wool out on the line, and pictures of spinning.

Spinning Wheels & Cotton Mills
Pictures of a weaving room at a cotton mill,and Mrs. Ole Neste with her spinning wheels.

Weavers & Spinning Rooms
A lovely photo of a woman working at her loom, and a room filled with spinning wheels.
• Page 1: Drop Spindles, buttons
• Page 2: Dye vats, Mechanical looms
• Page 3: Clipart- Silk Moths
• Page 4: Clipart -Yarn balls, cotton bolls
• Page 5: Clipart -Tapestry weavers
• Page 6: Clipart - WPA posters
• Page 7: Clipart - Weaver at a loom
• Page 8: Clipart - Weaving room, Distaff Wheel
• Page 9: Clipart - Icelandic Spinning Wheel
• Page 10: Clipart - Silk Reeling, Cotton Gin
• Page 11: Clipart - Flax Retting
• Page 12: Clipart - Lowell Mill Girls
• Page 13: Clipart - Salish Woman - Emily Carr
• Page 14: Clipart - Backstrap Loom
• Page 15: Clipart - Spanish Woman Carding Wool
• Page 16: Clipart - Hopi Basket Weaver