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Weaver at the Loom

Digital ID: det 4a31145
Created between 1900 - 1912
Photograph of a painting by Benjamin Popoff

Spinning Room at Mt. Vernon

Digital ID: det 4a24437
Created between 1900 - 1920
Detroit Publishing Co.

Spinning wheel room

• Page 1: Drop Spindles, buttons
• Page 2: Dye vats, Mechanical looms
• Page 3: ClipartSilk Moths
• Page 4: ClipartYarn balls, cotton bolls
• Page 5: ClipartTapestry weavers
• Page 6: ClipartWPA posters
• Page 7: ClipartWeaver at a loom
• Page 8: ClipartWeaving room, Distaff Wheel
• Page 9: ClipartIcelandic Spinning Wheel
• Page 10: ClipartSilk Reeling, Cotton Gin
• Page 11: ClipartFlax Retting
• Page 12: ClipartLowell Mill Girls
• Page 13: ClipartSalish Woman - Emily Carr
• Page 14: ClipartBackstrap Loom
• Page 15: ClipartSpanish Woman Carding Wool
• Page 16: ClipartHopi Basket Weaver