Tying the Warp to the Loom

When the warp has been evenly wound on to the back beam, you are almost ready to weave. All that remains is tying on to the front apron rod and checking your tension.

The warp threads are tied to the front apron rod in about 1 inch sections. Bring the bout of threads over the rod, split the bundle in two, and tie a single overhand knot and tighten the tension. Repeat this all the way across the warp threads.


Once all the threads have been tied, run your hand lightly across the threads. You should be able to feel for loose spots - if any of the threads have an uneven tension. Again tighten all the threads, adjusting any that are loose.


Once you feel that the tension is even, then tie a second overhand knot on each thread to secure them in place.


The next step is to go under your loom and tie the pedals according to the tieup plan in your draft.


Then release the brake and advance the warp forward so that the rod is over the breast beam. Put the brake back on, and tighten the tension on your loom. You are ready to weave!


Using a contrasting weft color, weave a header - a couple of inches of both tabby and your pattern. Check for crossed threads and errors in threading. If there are any, you will have to untie those threads, make the necessary threading corrections, and retie.


Congratulations! You are done and your warp is ready to go! Happy weaving!


Weaving Looms


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