Double Width Weaving

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It is possible to weave a project twice the width of your loom by using a double weave technique. Half of the shafts of your loom weave the top layer of the warp and the other shafts weave the bottom layer, creating a folded edge on one side of the warp. I have used this technique to weave large queen size blankets.

When you are calculating the number of ends, remember that you are making a project that is double the width that is on your loom, so you will need to double the number of ends. For example, in this handspun blanket that I made, I used a sett of 5 e.p.i. The loom width was 54". I needed 540 ends (54" x 5) = 270 x 2 = 540.

I threaded the loom at 10 e.p.i. as only half of the ends were used for each layer.

In this threading, the open side of the fabric is on the left, and the folded side is on the right. In double wide projects, there is quite a bit of draw-in on the folded side, so to compensate, I change the sett of the last inch of threads to 5 e.p.i.

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