Handweaving and Handspinning Articles

International Mushroom Dye Symposium 2005
Highlights from the mushroom dye conference held in Copenhagen Denmark.
Fungi dyed sweaters
Fungi dyed mittens and hats
Norwegian slippers
Lichen Dyed Slippers
These slippers are easily knit from 7 blocks.

How to knit the slippers
Needle Felting Workshop
Instructions for making a needle felted doll.
Needle felting part 2
Needle felting part 3
Needle felting part 4
Shaping a V-Neckline on a Loom
Based on a handwoven cotton top I saw at the British Museum, I experimented with a technique of shaping V-necklines on a loom.
Shaping a V-Neckline on a Loom- part 2
Shamrock Cross Stitch
A free cross stitch motif.
Wool Coiled Basket
A project to make a coiled basket using Fantti wool yarn from Finland.

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