Weaving and Handspinning Articles

Christmas Crafts
Christmas Needlework
Knitted and Felted Christmas Stockings

Alphabet Knitting Patterns

knitting draft
The Lady and the Unicorn
A photo gallery of the famous Lady and the Unicorn tapestries.
Clipart Rabbits
Clipart Flowers
Clipart Animals

Mineral Dyes
Information about using mineral dyes.

A new yarn for the technological age.

Dyer's Week in Finland
The Dyer's Week in the Finnish countryside was filled with interesting and informative workshops: natural dyes, mushroom dyes, papermaking, fabric printing, peatmoss yarn.
Mushroom Dye Workshop.
Natural Dye Samples
Fabric Printing
Peat Yarn

Paper Fabric
Did you know that some antique cars used paper fabric for seat covers?

Verulamium - Roman Ruins
The Roman ruins at Verulamium had several interesting weaving and handspinning artifacts: loom weights, drop spindles, buttons, sewing needles.

- Roman Ruins - needles and buttons

Mudchute Farm
The city of London has several city farms where there are sheep, goats, and other farm animals. I've had the opportunity to give weaving and spinning demonstrations at Mudchute Farm.
Lambs, birds & horses
Weaving demonstration

Nettle Project
Members of the London guild visited to help weavers create new products using nettle fibre.

Whitchurch Silk Mill
A visit to a working silk mill in the UK.

Crock Pot Dyes
How to dye yarn in a slow cooker.

Knitting Motif
A free pattern for knitting a Japanese wood sorrel.

Karelian Basketry
The making of Karelian birch baskets, naalbinding, felting and other traditional crafts were part of an EU project, Handiscola.

Seed Stitch Hat
A knitting pattern for a hat, using handspun Corriedale yarn, knit in Seed Stitch, that has been machine felted.

Jacquard Looms
The Science Museum in London has a working Jacquard loom and other interesting weaving equipment.

Spinning Equipment
A photo gallery of old spinning equipment found at the Science Museum in London.

Dolly's Sweater
The sweater knit from Dolly, the cloned sheep.

Old Computers
Old looms and computers, Cray mainframe, the Babbage engine, found at the Science Museum in London.

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