Lace Museum - Calais France

The Lace Museum in Calais, France is a fascinating place to visit. Here is one of the special exhibits that was on, while I was there.
calais16.jpg, 65837 bytes
Woven Tapestry by
Marie Noelle Fontan
calais17.jpg, 64321 bytes
Warp - Linen Yarn
Weft - Twigs
calais19.jpg, 83913 bytes
Woven Hanging by
Jitka Stenclova
calais20.jpg, 38177 bytes
Les Quatre Saisons
calais22.jpg, 86117 bytes
Sticks and Twigs
Woven Hanging by
Marie Noelle Fontan
calais23.jpg, 59971 bytes
calais25.jpg, 95880 bytes
Knit netting
Knitted Hanging by
Dina Baumane
calais26.jpg, 45380 bytes

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