Handweaving and Spinning Articles

Lord of the Rings

Handweavers played a role in the making of the movie, Lord of the Rings.

Weaving with Paper Yarn
Pirkko Karvonen gave a seminar on weaving with paper yarns at Convergence 2002.

paper yarn vase
Hemp Tea Towel Pattern
A free pattern for weaving tea towels using hemp yarn. You can also substitute with 22/2 cottolin, if hemp isn't readily available.
From 3 to 120 Colours
A dye study to create 120 colours from just 3.
Stinging Nettle
Stinging nettles have been used for textiles for centuries and are now making a resurgence.

Dog Hair and Mythology
Stories and information about spinning dog hair.

Hemp Rep Placemats
A free pattern for weaving placemats with hemp and cotton chenille in rep weave (ripsmatta).

Japanese Crests
Historic Japanese crests and motifs are a great resource for both clipart and textile design.

In Love with Linen
Some examples of towels woven with linen

- Countermarche Looms
How to instructions and diagrams for setting up and warping a countermarche loom - Type A and Type B.

Pattern Tie-up instructions for a countermarche loom.

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