Handweaving and Spinning Feature Articles

Mohair and Wool Hat
A hat knitting pattern for handspun wool and mohair.

Saami Bandweaving
The Saami from northern Scandinavia are known for their intricate weaving of narrow and colourful belts and bands.

Sami double slot reed
Sami double slot reed
8 Shaft Star Motif
Show support for the US by weaving something in red, white and blue. Here is an 8 shaft stars motif.

Bobbin Lace
Bobbin lacemaking is a form of warp-weighted weaving. Here are the basic steps.
Bobbin Lace - part 2

Spin for Peace
In thinking about the recent tragic attacks on the US, I am reminded of Gandhi, his spinning and his non-violent approach for making economic change.

Cedar Basket Weaving
Coast Salish weaver, Anna Billy, demonstrates how to make cedar baskets, at the Gibsons Landing Fibre Festival.

Tansy Flower Dye
A summer walk is a great time to pick tansies and use them in the dyepot.

Weaving With Rags
Weavers are very ingenious and thrifty. We don't like to waste anything, especially our own handwoven cloth. Different techniques for twice-woven cloth have developed in many countries.

Doubleweave Pickup
Tantrika demonstrates how the doubleweave pickup technique is done.

Fiber Challenge Socks
Jessie spun a grab bag of llama, wool and silk and knit some cool socks.

How to Market Your Crafts on the Net
Have you wanted to make your own webpage to sell your handwoven crafts on the Net, but don't want to spend lots of money? Here's how.
How to Market Your Crafts on the Net - part 2

Warping Board Plans
Ruthanne shows how to build your own warping board.

Star of David Draft Tantrika designed these Star of David drafts for weaving Jewish prayer shawls.

Wagon Wheel Rugs
Weave circular rugs with bicycle wheels or hula hoops. Virginia tells how.

Japanese Kimono
Japanese kimonos on display at the Museum for Textiles. This article includes screensavers and wallpaper related to kimonos.

Quilt Block Baby Blankets
Marina wove some gorgeous baby blankets in a 6 shaft quilt block design.

Dimity Cord Silk Scarves
A free project for weaving silk scarves in Dimity Cord. Also some clip art buttons, and graphics for your webpage and desktop to match.

Huck Lace Baby Blankets
A new weaver shows her lovely work with these baby blankets woven in huck lace.

Pop Goes the Weasel
Is this a spinning song?.

White Shawl
Marina wove this shawl in a blend of natural white wool, fluffy mohair, cotton plied with gold and shiny boucle rayon.

Spindle Spinspirations
Kat Walton's work demonstrates that you don't need complex equipment to spin and weave.
Spindle Spinspirations - part 2
Spindle Spinspirations - part 3

Hot Tub Towels
Quick and easy to weave, these towels are both soft and durable, woven with cotton and cotton chenille.

Crimp and Twist
How to match your spinning to the crimp of the fibre.

Woolly Dogs
Wool dogs were bred by the First Nations people of the Pacific northwest and used for weaving blankets.

Color Test
Do you wonder what draws you to a certain color at your favorite yarn shop? Or why you like to wear purple? Take this short test and find out.

Cardboard Loom
If you want to try weaving, you an easily make a small loom with a cardboard box.
Cardboard Loom - part 2
Cardboard Loom - part 3
Cardboard Loom - part 4
Cardboard Loom - part 5

Summer/Winter Placemats Project
A project for weaving some placemats or towels using a summer & winter draft.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs Project
Dyeing Easter eggs and wool with dyes you can find in your kitchen.
Part 2 - Dye Instructions
Part 3 - Dye Recipes
Part 4 - More Dye Recipes

Cedar Bark Dye Project
Dyeing wool fleece with Red Cedar Bark.

Twill Tapestry
I took a twill tapestry workshop with Kaija Rautiainen. Here is what I learned.

Shamrock Draft
Weave these shamrocks or just add them to your Desktop to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Weaving & Spinning Goddesses
Weaving and spinning have magical qualtities to the unitiated. Weavers and spinners have been revered throughout the ages, in many cultures.

Mirror Warp Throw Project
A simple mirror warp and overdye technique, will help clean up your stash of unmatched yarns.
Mirror Warp Throw Project - part 2

Handspinning Techniques
Part of a series of lessons (with video) on how to spin: Semi-worsted yarns, controlling the twist of your handspun.

Felted Valentine's Pillow
Make your special loved one a pillow, using your own handmade felt.
Felted Valentine's Pillow - part 2

Urine, Wool & Natural Dyes
Don't flush it away, save it for your next dye project.

Selecting a Fleece
Are you thinking of buying your first fleece? Here are some things I look for when choosing a fleece for handspinning.

Handspun Hats
Here is a versatile knitting pattern that you can use with different weights of handspun yarns.

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