Hot Tub Towels Pattern

Colorful cotton and chenille weave up easily into soft and absorbent towels for your hot tub or bath. These towels are woven in a simple twill, but will give the beginner weaver practice in using 2 shuttles. The pattern will make 2 towels, 24" x 54" finished size.
Yarns:8/2 Cotton - 1 lb.
Cotton Chenille - 1450 ypp - 1 lb.
Warp:8/2 cotton - Turquoise
Cotton Chenille - Apricot
Weft:8/2 Cotton - Turquoise
Cotton Chenille - Apricot
Sett:20 epi
Width in Reed28"
No. Ends560
Warp Length5 yards

Weaving Instructions

This pattern uses 2 types of warp and weft:
unmercerized 8/2 cotton (Turquoise color in the draft)
and cotton chenille (apricot color in the draft)

This weave creates small squares of cotton surrounded by a frame of chenille, making the towel both soft and durable.

Weave with 2 shuttles, 1 with cotton chenille and 1 with 8/2 cotton. Weave 2 shots of chenille, in tabby and then weave 4 shots of 8/2 cotton, in twill, according to the treadling plan.

Weaving Draft


Weave 2 inches of tabby using the 8/2 cotton yarn, at each end of the towels. This will allow for seam finishing of the edges.

Remove the warp from the loom, and knot the ends. Put the warp through a wash and dry cyle in your washer to wet finish the fabric.

Machine stitch the edges with a rolled hem.

Rigid Heddle Variation

If you have a smaller table loom, or a rigid heddle loom, you can do a smaller version of these towels for use as hand towels. On a 2 shaft rigid heddle loom, the towels can be woven in tabby. Use 2 shuttles, one with cotton chenille and 1 with 8/2 cotton. Weave 2 picks of cotton chenille, then weave 4 picks of 8/2 cotton.

  Hot Tub Towels

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