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In addition to using twill, tabby or other types of weave structures, an easy way to add interest to your weaving is to use different colored weft yarns. Clasped weft is a technique that uses 2 different colored weft threads in the same row of weaving.

Although this technique is being shown on a cardboard loom, the clasped weft technique can be done on larger looms as well, using 2 shuttles.

Clasped Weft
Working from the right pass the weft yarn through the open shed, creating a loop on the left side of the warp
Clasped Weft - Step 2
Thread the second yarn color through the loop
Clasped Weft - Step 3
With your right hand, pull the weft yarn back through the open shed, pulling the second yarn with it.
Place the yarns in the location that you want them to be, and straighten out the weft ends.
Beat the weft into place.
Note that this does create 2 rows of weft yarn in the same shed.
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