Cardboard Box Loom

You don't need expensive equipment to weave. A flat piece of cardboard or a cardboard box can easily turn into a loom that you can weave mug rugs, placemats or intricate tapestries on. This is a great project for kids or for teaching beginners to weave.

To make a simple loom from a cardboard box, find a good sturdy box. (A shoebox might not be strong enough.)
With a sharp knife, cut the flaps off the top of the box. Then using a ruler mark off the "sett" for the loom at the top edges of the box. If you are going to be using thicker yarns, you can mark use a sett of 4 epi (ends per inch). Make a mark each 1/4 inch along 2 For narrower setts you could use 5 or 6 epi.

With a sharp knife cut a 1/4" - 1/2" slit at each of the markings.

Use a sturdy cotton or linen yarn for the warp (the lengthwise threads of the woven piece). Secure the end of the warp thread to your cardboard loom with a piece of tape.

Begin to wrap the warp thread around the loom, placing a thread in each slit at the top of the box edge. Continue to wrap the warp around the box.

Tighten any loose threads to an even tension. Then secure the other end of the warp with another piece of tape.

Your warp of your cardboard loom is now threaded and you are ready to begin to weave.

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