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The All Fiber Arts website is being converted to Wordpress. You can check here to view the progress of the migration. As +1000 pages need to be rewritten, this process will take a while. I hope that you will like the new look.
Sarah Lund White Sweater The Killing Sweater: If you have been following the popular TV series from Denmark, you will have noticed the beautiful sweaters that Sarah Lund wears. Here is the Star Motif for her white jumper.
Sarah Lund Brown Sweater The Diamond knitting motif for her brown handknit sweater.
10 Steps: How to Warping a Loom
Crochet Patterns
Kindle Craft Books
A guide to shopping for knitting, crochet, feltmaking, weaving and textile books for your Kindle
Fibers and Yarns
Looking for a particular type of yarn? Here is a place to start.
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Event Calendar
Our Event Calendar lets you add your own guild events, workshops and conferences. Try it out.

Discussion Forum

Index of All
A listing of all you can find on this website about weaving, handspinning, feltmaking, dyes and other textile information.
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Newsletter Archive

The Basics

eBay Watch
Do you like to keep track of the latest specials on eBay? Here's a quick glance at what's new today.

Beginner Basics
A few suggestions of where to start as a new weaver or spinner.
List of Setts
A Table of recommended setts for weaving with different weights of yarns.
Handy tables and charts for conversion from metric to Imperial measurements: table of setts, knitting needle and crochet hook sizes.

Textile Dictionary
Our Textile Dictionary is now back on-line. With new words added and also translations into Russian. Many thanks to Sasha and Tanya and all the others who have been contributing to this ongoing project.

Google Translate Tool
Google now has a translation tool that can translate any web page to a number of different languages.
All Fiber Arts
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