Weaving Information

Cardboard Looms
How to make a loom with a cardboard box
cardboard box Loom
Baby Blankets
Weaving patterns and ideas for handwoven baby blankets.
Clasped Weft
Clasped weft weaving technique
Computers & Looms
Did you know that that computers and looms are related?

Counterbalance Looms
How to get a good shed.
Countermarche Looms
Countermarche loom tie-up diagrams - Type A.
Countermarche Loom - Type B
Pattern Tie-up Diagrams

Craft Shows
If you weave, at some point you will think about attending a craft show.

DoubleWeave Pickup
Tantrika shows how she does double weave pickup.

Finishing Yardage
When your yardage comes off the loom, the process is not yet complete.

Fulled Cloth
How to full a woollen blanket.

Guild Pillow Project
Take some random warp yarns and a creative guild and you have a unique handwoven pillow.

The Guild of Canadian Weavers
The Guild of Canadian Weavers has done much to promote hand weaving in Canada.

How to Fix a Threading Mistake
Have you ever made a huge threading error, or even a small one, and don't want to undo it all and rethread? A replacement heddle might be the answer.

Improve Your Edges
One of the biggest challenges for the beginner weaver is to produce clean selvages.

Ladder HemStitch
Instructions for how to make a ladder hem stitch finish on your handwoven items.

Lace Weaving Workshop
Sandra's guild held a workshop on weaving lace.'
Looms have been used for centuries to create the cloth that we wear.

Lord of the Rings
Weavers played an important part in the making of the costumes for this movie.

McMorran Balance
Using a McMorran balance to calculate how much yarn you have left.

Product Labeling
Some things you need to know when labeling your handwovens for sale.

Show and Tell Gallery
A gallery of woven works from our Forum members.

Table of Setts
A handy table of recommended setts for cottons and linen yarns.

10 Steps of Warping
You can learn to warp your loom, in 10 easy steps.

Weaving with Chenille
A few tips on weaving with this luxury yarn.

Finnish Lace Block Throw
A pattern for a throw woven in organic Foxfibre cotton.

Finnish Textiles
Poppana, doubleweave pickup, Takana, Finnweave, Raanu, Rya.

Advancing Twill Scarf
An advanced twill scarf woven by Sandra
Twill and Tabby Towels
Tea towels woven with hemp and cotton yarns
The Horse Song
A Navajo rug woven by Roy Kady.

V-Neck Shaping
I tried to shape a V-neck on the loom, based on a sample I found at the British Museum. Here's how.'
Water Jug Warping
How to warp a loom by yourself using weighted water jugs
Weaving Drafts
A collection of weaving drafts.
Weaving with Rags
Sakiori, poppana, Catalogne.
Weaving Rag Rugs
Marianne shows her rag rug woven in doubleweave.
Wool Roving Rug

Woven Coverlets
About 19th Century woven coverlets
Weaving: Where to Begin
The Net is a great place to begin to learn about weaving.

Weaving: Where to Begin, Part 2
Join a local weavers guild for support.


Teaching Others
A podcast on Teaching others to Weave and an Interview with Judith MacKenzie

Ashenhurst's Formula
A precise formula for determining the correct sett.

Clothes Moths
Moths lay 40 - 50 eggs each and moth larvae can live up to 2.5 years. The University of California has some excellent advice on solving a moth problem.

Collectors Guide to the Art of New Mexico
Mary Hunt Kahlenberg, a former museum curator, gives tips on collecting, displaying and cleaning textiles.

Countermarche and Counterbalance Loom Tie-ups
Joanne Hall provides instructions on tying your countermarche or counterbalance loom.

Conversion Tool
From FiberLinks, an on-line tool for converting ounces to grams.

Counterbalance, Jack, Countermarche
Leclerc gives some technical info comparing counterbalance, countermarche and jack loom systems.

History and Definitions List
Definitions of some Persian carpet weaving terms, by a collector of oriental rugs.

FAQ's about Spinning Wheels
Christine Jordan has compiled helpful info about spinning wheels, including reviews of several types of wheels.

Fiber Equipment Barterpage Tips
A collection of great tips on spinning, weaving, making niddy-noddys and more good idea.

Halfway Tree Loom Construction
Halfway Tree has lots of information on building your own floor or table loom with references to books and building plans.

How to Build a Frame Loom
Easy to follow diagrams for building your own simple frame loom.

Lego Loom
You can make anything with Lego! (the site is a bit slow to load - but worth the wait)

Loom-Shaped Clothing
Clothing can be designed directly on the loom. The shapes are woven and then assembled into a finished garment.

Navajo Rug Care
Useful advice on caring for Navajo and other rugs.

Notes on Sectional Warping
Laura Fry explains the hows and whys of sectional warping.

Right From the Start
Marcy Petrini provides some handy tables on project sizes, take-up and shrinkage and warp calculations.

Sectional Warping - J-comp
Sectional warping of the Jcomp loom is demonstrated with photos.

Sett Chart
Treenway has a reference chart of recommended setts for silk and other great information about weaving with silk yarns.

Spinning with a Top- Whorl Drop Spindle
Carol Cassidy-Fayer describes in excellent detail spinning with a drop spindle and warns of possible habit-forming and obsessive behaviours such as hoarding fibre.

R & M Lang
R & M Lang have handmade fringe twisters in a wide selection of woods and describe how to use them.

Sectional Warping with Lease Strings
Tom Vogl describes Allen Fannin's method of keeping a sectional warp in order.
Lillian Whipple shows how she uses taquete to weave small motifs for note cards.

Textile Dictionary
Not sure what the word for hemp is in Italian? Check this on-line dictionary for English, German, French and Italian translations.

Warping and Threading Techniques
Joy Williams explains Peggy Osterkamp's warping method.

Washing Fleece
Tips on how to wash fleece and mohair to get the grease out.

Weavers Friend
Janet Meany has an excellent resource library of manuals for historic looms.

Weaving Looms


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