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Textile Art Classes
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Australia - BB Yarn Supply
Ursula Schmid teaches colour theory and gives workshops on weaving textures, linen, summer & winter, using a warping mill and other handweaving courses.

Australia - Romida Fibre & Spinning Supplies
Cheryl Hutchinson teaches spinning classes on drop spindles and wheels, both privately and to larger groups.

New Zealand - The Christchurch Tapestry Workshop
Marilyn Rea-Menzies teaches beginner and intermediate tapestry art and elements of design.


BC - The Stitchhiker
Birthe Achtner teaches Scandinavian knitting and weaving.

Ontario - Jette Vandermeiden
Beginner weaving, complex structures, drawloom classes.

ON - Baskets & Bobbins
Terryl Ryan teaches classes in beginner weaving, basketry, twig furniture building and quilting, in Ontario, Canada.

Quebec - Toisons de Ville
Micheline Beluse has 20 years experience and training in spinning and natural dyes. Special interests include 18th Century textiles and dyes.


AZ - Dine Woven
Roy Kady is a Master Weaver in Navajo textiles. Classes include all regional styles of Navajo weaving, lap spinning techniques, local vegetable dyes, Sumac fiber coiling, basket weaving and wool feltmaking.

CA - Rug & Yarn Hut
Karen Brayton-McFall offers classes for beginners, and more experienced weavers, tapestry, handspinning, corsetmaking, Orenburg lace knitting, crochet, braiding and many other fiber art techniques. Guest teachers and mentors are also featured.

CA - Heather Wells
Lessons in crochet, knitting, afghan stitch, pattern reading, and color theory. Jewelery, polymer clay and soap making classes also available.

CA - Kimberly Keller
Surface design, sewing, burn-out, silk-screen.

CA - Nancy Jackson
Specializing in traditional Aubusson/Gobelin Tapestry Art

CA - Shuttlebug's Studio
Debbie Bartle teaches beginner weaving, spinning and kool-aid dyes.

FL - Tingomaria Homestead
Susan Keller gives demonstrations and classes on weaving and spinning with a wheel or a drop spindle.

FL - Too Warped Weavers
Martha and Esther teach both weaving and beadwork.

IA - DeSigns4U
Sandi Carstensen teaches how to make Buggy Wheel rugs.

IN - The Weavers Loft
Barb Gallagher has over 20 years experience teaching individuals and doing workshops in rug weaving and randome warp dyeing.

Brenda Kopmeyer-Kaspar
is an award-winning fiber artist. She teaches a wide range of textile techniques, dyeing, felting, papermaking.

KS - The Wool Winders
Sharon Rooney teaches weaving on frame and 4 harness looms, and beginner spinning on wheels and spindles.

KS - Great Plains Artisans LLC
Sally Brandon teaches bobbin lace, beginner and advanced weaving, spinning, dyeing and basketry.

MA - Judy Goodwin
Beginner weaving, spinning, dye classes as well as hand and machine knitting.

MA - Squirrels' Nest
Cheryl Marsolais teaches handknitting and drop spindle spinning to both adults and children.

ME - Atelier 9
Donald Talbot teaches introductory and intermediate classes on 18th and 19th century looms, spinning on antique wheels and various dye techniques.

MI - Flax Craft
Virginia Handy teaches weaving, flax spinning and dyeing, specializing in leno-lace weaving.

MI - Kathy Rowe
Frame loom weaving, Ikat dyeing.

MN - Traudi Bestler
Traudi Bestler gives workshops on beginner and advanced weaving, tapestry, kumihimo braiding, dyeing and warp painting.

MO - Brenda Brewington
Knitting lessons, custom crochet work.

MO - Emmie Seaman
Improvisational quiltmaking, spontaneous dyeing on fabric, surface design.

MS - Earthart Collective (sm)
Sandra Nickeson teaches workshops on creativity enhancement, surface design and mixed media art applications, including visual journeying.

MT - Elkhorn Mountains Weaving Studio
Joanne Hall gives workshops in Swedish weaving, drawloom weaving, tapestry, rug mkaing and many other weave structures.

MT - JK Fiber Works
Jan Nordwick has extensive spinning and knitting training and experience.

NC - Jutta Zuloaga
Hand and machine knitting, design finishing.

NC - Lamplight Creations
Johnetta Heil offers classes in triangle loom weaving, circular weaving, Inkle and other small looms.

NC - Spinner's Ridge
Elaine Ross raises angora goats, and teaches beginner spinning, drafting techniques and going beyond the basics.

NC - Lisa Kennedy
Alpacas, tri-loom weaving, spinning 101, drop spindling, dyeing and felting.

NC - Woven Dreams
Bonnie Pulver teaches beginner weaving and silk painting.

NE - Strings
Tonya Leach-Trickel can teach beginner weaving, spinning on wheels or drop spindles, and dyeing basics.

NY - Joanna Lines
Classes in woven textiles and yarn dyeing.
OH - Leigh McDonald
Quilting, fabric painting, dyeing, machine and hand embroidery.

OR - Linda Hendrickson
Ply-split, tablet weaving, warp twining, Andean pebble weave.

NJ - Winding Way Weaver
Barbara Flexner teaches weaving, spinning, wool processing and using natural dyes.

NY - The Art Studio & Mia...
Mia Barkan Clarke is a working artist and practicing art therapist, specializing in fiber arts for adults suffering from mental illness.

OK - Cherokee Baskets
Peggy Brennan is a Cherokee Tribal member and specializes in Native American basketry.

OR - By the Bay Creations / The Bag Lady
Elaine Almquist teaches knitting, carding, spinning, locker hooking and dyeing.

OR - Patrie Studios
Pam Patrie specializes in teaching tapesty and rug weaving. She has produced works for many public and private buildings.

PA - From Hands That Weave
Irene Smith teaches basic beginner weaving, tapestry, crochet, quilting, sewing and machine embroidery.

PA - Ramona Lord
Ramona Lord teaches beginner weaving on a frame-loom, boundweave, drafting and design as well as other types of weaving.

Puerto Rico - Artesanias Marypili
Maria del Pilar Batista teaches weaving with palm leaves.

TN - Larkspin Fiberworks
Charlotte Iverson teaches basic handspinning on both the wheel and the drop spindle and is willing to travel to workshops.

VA - Cecelia Cassidy
Cecelia Cassady gives beginner and intermediate weaving and spinning classes.

WA - Black Sheep Studio
Deborah DeRose offers knitting classes to children and beginner knitters.

Weaving Looms


Handweaving Books

Hand Weaving Patterns From Finland UK: Handweaving Patterns from Finland
Keep Me Warm One Night: Early Handweaving in Eastern Canada Coverlets & other items, including clothing, primarily of the 19th Century. UK: Keep Me Warm
Manual Of Swedish Handweaving A comprehensive book on handweaving in general which draws on the Swedish handweaving tradition, looms, charts, diagrams, weave composition patterns, technical drawings. UK: Manual Of Swedish Handweaving
Swedish Handweaving 180 handweaving patterns for pillows, curtains, blankets, rugs: 4 harness twills, honeycomb, lace, rosepath, extended point twills, damask. UK: Swedish Handweaving
The Weaver's Book: Fundamentals of Handweaving UK: Fundamentals of Handweaving
Key to Weaving: A Textbook of Hand-Weaving Techniques and Pattern Drafts for the Beginning Weaver A definitive guide to handloom weaving: step-by-step instructions, intricacies of color, fiber and how to use them effectively. UK: Key to Weaving
Weaving For Worship Handweaving for Churches and Synagogues UK: Weaving for Worship
Jacquard's Web: How a Hand-Loom Led to the Birth of the Information Age From the Industrial Age to the Information Age, connecting the loom to thefirst proper computer. UK: Jacquards Web
Mastering Weave Structures How to design threadings, channel the design power of the tie-up, and make the most of threading options, as well as understand fibers, setts, and color interactions. UK: Mastering Weave Structures


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