Tapestry Weaving

Hemp Tapestry Pillows
A weaving project to weave a pillow, inlayed with tapestry.
Tapestry weaving offers a much broader medium to work with than paint. Some of the basic tapestry techniques are touched upon in this article.
Winding a Butterfly
How to wind a butterfly.
fish hut tapestry
Fish Hut Tapestry
Tapestry **NEW**
Archie Brennan Loom
Archie Brennan has kindly made his loom designs available for all.

Lady and The Unicorn Tapestries
A visit to see the Unicorn Tapestries.
E-Bay Watch
Look for tapestry looms and other weaving supplies at E-Bay.

Llama Tapestry
A great selection of South American tapestry, in association with Amazon.com

Archaeology and Anatolian Slit-Tapestry
The Weaving Art Museum and Research Institute features an exhibit on slit-tapestry weaving (kelim) woven on warp weighted looms.

Bay City Tapestry
It took 1 year and nearly 100 lbs. of hand-dyed wool to complete this tapestry that depicts the landmarks in Bay City. Woven by tapestry artist, Monique Lehman.

Cecilia Blomberg
Swedish tapestry artist, Cecilia Blomberg lives in Gig Harbour and weave tapestry throughout the world. Here are some images of her work for Grays Harbor College.

Not a tapestry site, but a clever way to display and hang your tapestries.

Hand-Made Art
Specializes in custom made Romanian tapestries. 

Kate Wells
Tapestry artist and carpet designer, Kate Wells, uses vibrancy of colour and distinctive imagery. She wants her "work to be as accessible and lasting as the sea".

Marilyn Vee
"After my first contact with a loom at the age of 20, I could never forget the good feeling it gave me working it." Marilyn's tapestries exhibit her good feelings and her love of this craft.

Olga Knyaz Tapestry
Russian tapestry weavers specialize in commissioned art work, landscapes, family portraits and carpets.

Olga de Amaral: Woven Gold
Olga de Amaral applies gold and silver leaf to woven silk, cotton, horsehair or linen that results in shimmering tapestry.

Russian Tapestries
Textile artists Olga Knyaz and Yaroslaw Rozputnyak weave beautifully detailed tapestry. Enjoy!

Sarah Swett
Colours build on each other, telling stories in Sarah Swett's incredible gallery of tapestries.

Shape Weaving
3 Dimensional shapes woven directly on the loom.

Tatyana Koozina
Take some time to enjoy Tatyana's beautiful tapestry gallery.


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