Weavers and Spinners Folk Tales

Weavers Stories **NEW**
The Spinner

Fairy Tales
Fairy tales often feature weavers and spinners with powers of wisdom and ingenuity.

Ancient mythological tales about weaving and spinning.

To Suzanne
A beautiful weaver's poem written by a dear friend of mine.
Computer Technology & Sheep
Sheep and computers have a lot in common. Here's why.

Drug Glooms
A humorous tale by Peter Collingwood, who was inspired to write this having seen a loom advertised "complete with shuffles".

The Flax
There are some delightful stories about weaving at this site, including one about the lowly flax plant.

No Ordinary Blanket
A touching story about how a blanket can become part of our lives.

Sheep Jokes
A great collection of sheep jokes.

The Sheep Story
A tale of well-travelled sheep.

Weaving Words for the Web-Weary
Peter Collingwood travels to Sweden and tells of his visit to a belting factory.


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African Folk Tales (Dover Children's Thrift Classics)
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Russian Fairy Tales (Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library)


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