Hand Spinning Information

Charkha Spinning
Information about and suppliers of charkha spinning.
Dolly's Sweater
The sweater knit from Dolly, the cloned sheep.
A Yarn Tells a Story
A 3 metre piece of yarn tells of Norse explorations
Fibre Information
A collection of useful knowledge about various fibres and their characteristics.
Spinning Wheels
Kromski spinning wheel
Kromski spinning wheel
Handspun Hats
A free hat knitting pattern using handspun yarns.

Handspun Merino Socks
These socks are easy to spin and can be made from leftovers in your fibre stash.

Dog Hair Spinning
Information about spinning dog hair or chiengora.
Spinning Info **NEW**
How to Spin a Cabled Yarn
You can easily spin wonderful novelty yarns by cabling any plied yarns together.
How Your Spinning Wheel Spins
How you can control the twist and tension on your wheel.
Scotch Tension - How Your Spinning Wheel Spins
How the scotch tension and brake work on your spinning wheel.

Pop Goes the Weasel
Is this a spinning song?

McMorran Balance
A McMorran Balance is a useful tool for figuring out how much yarn you have left.

Drop Spindle Spinning - You Tube

Mudchute Farm
Did you know that Mudchute Farm in the heart of London has many rare breeds of sheep?

Renaissance Faire
A handspinning demonstration at a Renaissance Faire.
Seed Stitch Hat
I knit this hat using handspun Corriedale rovingand machine felted it.
Selecting a Fleece for Handspinning
Some things to consider when you are selecting a fleece for your handspun project.

Spider Silk
Have you ever wondered if the silk of the spider can be used?

Spinning Equipment
A photo gallery of old spinning equipment found at the Science Museum in London.
Spinning Pet Fur
Is spinning your pet's fur illegal in New Jersey?
spinning angora

Turkish Spindle - Product Review
A Turkish spindle is an ingenious invention that forms a centre-pull ball as you spin.

A visit to Verulamium to see ancient Roman spindles, artifacts and other archaeological textile finds.
Woollen and Worsted Yarns
Wool yarns can be classified as either woollen or worsted.
Woolly Dogs
Wool dogs were bred by the First Nations people of the Pacific northwest and used for weaving blankets.
Spinning and Weaving Tips
Helpful tips submitted by our members.
Fleece Video
This video clip shows some things to consider when selecting a fleece for handspinning and compares the Romney and Cheviot fleece.

Handspinning Techniques - How to Join the Yarn
How to begin spinning and to create a smooth join. This includes a short video demonstration.

Handspinning Techniques - Semi-Worsted Spinning
How to spin a semi-worsted yarn. This includes a short video clip.

Handspinning Techniques - TPI and Wheel Ratios
What do twist per inch and wheel ratios mean and how do you control the yarn that you spin?

Handspinning Techniques - Crimp and Twist
How does the amount of crimp in a fleece affect the yarn that you spin?

CBC Radio - Ken Cavanagh - Jan. 7/03
An audio clip of an interview by Bill Richardson, with handspinner and weaver, Ken Cavanagh.

Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning
Gwen Powell has developed an excellent webpage showing her HGA COE Handspinning samples.

Fiber Equipment Barterpage Tips
A collection of great tips on spinning, weaving, making niddy-noddys and more good idea.

How to use a Drop Spindle
Twist, pull, let go. Kathryn of the Hills explains how to use a drop spindle.

Nostepinde Instructions
How to wind yarn onto a nostepinde, (nystepinne, nostepinne)

Renaissance Faire
A handspinning demonstration at a Renaissance Faire.

Sheep Breeds Swap
As part of a CompuServe spinner's effort, Deanna Johnson compiled information about spinning 32 different kinds of wool.

Spinning Wheel Sleuth: FAQ
The transition from hand spindles to mounted spindles and flyers is described.

Styles of Spinning Wheels
The Joy of Handspinning site describes the common types of spinning wheels.

Straw Into Gold
Gwen Powell describes her attempts at spinning gold leaf.

Tips Before You Shop
Cooper Woodcraft provides some excellent tips on shopping for a spinning wheel.

Turn Wolf Fur into Yarn
Jerilyn Monroe turns her four-legged friend's shedding coat into yarn.

Fibre Information

Spinning Wheels

Handspinning Tools

Spinning Wheels



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