Small Weaving Looms

Bands, Belts and Braids
Weaving narrow bands or braids has endless possibilities.
Patterns and project ideas that you can make on a beadloom.
Cardboard Box Loom Project
You don't need expensive equipment to weave. A flat piece of cardboard or a cardboard box can easily turn into a loom that you can weave mug rugs, placemats or intricate tapestries on.
Saami Band Weaving
The Saami are known for their intricate and colourful weaving of narrow bands, for use as belts and decorative edgings.
Sami loom
Sami weaving loom
Handloom Construction
by Joan Koster--educator, anthropologist, artist and weaver.
Inkle Looms
An ever growing list of resources for inkle loom weaving.
Lucet Braiding
Instructions for using a Lucet to make braiding.
Mailing Lists
Lists of mailing lists and egroups for everything from braids and bands to dyers, felters and weavers.
Small Weaving Looms **MORE**
Rigid Heddle Samples
Kat Walton has woven these samples to demonstrate the variety that is possible with just 2 shafts and a small loom.
Pin Weaving
What you can do with a piece of cardboard and some pins.
Rigid Heddle Warping Picture Show
Instructions on how to warp a rigid heddle loom.
Used Equipment
Places to find used looms, weaving and spinning equipment of all sizes.

Glimakra Rigid Heddle Loom
Aarhus Weaving Center
Rigid heddle looms are great for children or beginners to learn about weaving.
Ashford Handicrafts Ltd.
Inke looms are small and portable, used for making narrow warp-faced braids.
Basic Tablet Weaving
Sarah provides excellent instructions on how to do tablet weaving using an old set of playing cards.
C. Cactus Flower Miniature Looms
C. Cactus Flower Miniature Looms are designed specifically for weaving Navajo style rugs in miniature. Available in two sizes-the mini and the maxi-they have a unique tensioning system plus enable you to warp up right on the loom.
Gunnar Anderssons
Birch ribbon reeds, rigid heddles, flat shuttles, wood and paper tablet weaving supplies from Sweden.
Halcyon Yarns
Halcyon Yarns cardweaving kit is suitable for children and beginners. It contains 24 cardweaving cards, a shuttle and yarn.
Hand Weaving Company
This family run business in Wales produces weaving sticks, peg looms, corkwork bobbins and lucets.
Harrisville Designs
Harrisville Designs has award-winning friendly loom products designed for children, including peg looms, tapestry and lap looms.
Beka Looms
Lambs Ear Farm carries a selection of Beka Inkle and Rigid heddle looms.
Ri'illa Weave Loom-less Weaving
Rita Curry Porter and Priscilla Curry Hale have developed a finger weaving technique for making complete garments, gloves and shoes.
Twist - Tablet Weavers' International Studies and Techniques is an international group of tablet weavers who promote the appreciation of tablet weaving.
A new book that features 16 projects using a Weave-it or other small loom.
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Weaving Looms

Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving
Rigid Heddle Weaving
The Art of the Loom: Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing across the World
Frame-Loom Weaving
The Weaver's Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom
Creative Weaving: Beautiful Fabrics with a Simple Loom
Weaving Made Easy: 17 Projects Using a Simple Loom


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