Towel Weaving Patterns

Weaving Patterns - Towels **NEW**
hand woven towels
Hot Tub Towels
These towels weave up quickly using soft and durable 8/2 cotton and cotton chenille. Perfect for your hot tub or bath.

Twill Tea Towels
These easy-to-weave twill sampler tea towels will brighten up your kitchen.

Twill and Tabby Towels
A free pattern for tea towels woven in twill with blocks of tabby using hemp and cotton yarns.

Bath Towel
A simple tabby design using 8/2 cotton warp and cotton boucle weft makes an ideal bath towel. Woven by Suzanne Dionne.

Honeycomb Dish Towel
4 shaft Honeycomb using 8/2 cotton warp sett at 18 epi and 8/2 cotton weft. Woven by Francine Blais.

Huckaback Dish Towel
A striped huckaback design makes attractive towels4 shaft Honeycomb using 16/2 cotton warp sett at 30 epi and 16/2 cotton weft. Woven by Lucille Hamel.

Hemp Tea Towels
Hemp towels woven in double weave.
Hemp Tea Towel weaving draft.
Edmonton Weavers Guild

Christmas Tea Towel
Members of the Edmonton Weavers guild have provided instructions for making Christmas tea towels in huck lace.

Bronson Lace Tea Towels
10/2 cotton using a 4 shaft Bronson Lace design, sett at 20 epi. Woven by Fran Ferrier.

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Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom
Cat Tracks and Snail Trail Towels
16/2 cotton warp set at 24 epi and 8/2 cotton weft are one of my favourites in this collection of towels by the Edmonton Weavers Guild. Woven by Betty Moore.
M's and O's Tea Towel
16/2 mercerized cotton warp sett at 24 epi and 3.5/1 cotton flake weft. Woven by Joanne Verveda.
Raised Huck Towels
Huck stripes using 22/2 cottolin sett at 24 epi. Woven by Carol Benson.
Striped Rosepath Towels
22/2 cottolin warp sett at 20 and tow linen weft make thirsty towels. Woven by Colleen Balding.
Towel Weaving Patterns

Weaving Looms

Handweaving Books

Hand Weaving Patterns From Finland UK: Handweaving Patterns from Finland
Keep Me Warm One Night: Early Handweaving in Eastern Canada Coverlets & other items, including clothing, primarily of the 19th Century. UK: Keep Me Warm
Manual Of Swedish Handweaving A comprehensive book on handweaving in general which draws on the Swedish handweaving tradition, looms, charts, diagrams, weave composition patterns, technical drawings. UK: Manual Of Swedish Handweaving
Swedish Handweaving 180 handweaving patterns for pillows, curtains, blankets, rugs: 4 harness twills, honeycomb, lace, rosepath, extended point twills, damask. UK: Swedish Handweaving
The Weaver's Book: Fundamentals of Handweaving UK: Fundamentals of Handweaving
Key to Weaving: A Textbook of Hand-Weaving Techniques and Pattern Drafts for the Beginning Weaver A definitive guide to handloom weaving: step-by-step instructions, intricacies of color, fiber and how to use them effectively. UK: Key to Weaving
Weaving For Worship Handweaving for Churches and Synagogues UK: Weaving for Worship
Jacquard's Web: How a Hand-Loom Led to the Birth of the Information Age From the Industrial Age to the Information Age, connecting the loom to thefirst proper computer. UK: Jacquards Web
Mastering Weave Structures How to design threadings, channel the design power of the tie-up, and make the most of threading options, as well as understand fibers, setts, and color interactions. UK: Mastering Weave Structures


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