Weaver's Stories, Poetry, Mythology

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Fairy Tales
In fairy tales, spinners and weavers often display qualities of power, wisdom and magic.
The Finnish epic poem, the Kalevala, has many references to the weaving and spinning goddesses. Here are some passages from this famous folklore.
Spinning and Weaving Goddesses
The arts of spinning and weaving have magical properties to the unitiated. Spinners and weavers have been revered throughout the ages, in many cultures.
Spinning and Weaving Stories
Modern-day stories and poetry about weaving and spinning.
To Suzanne
A beautiful weaver's poem.
Arachne was gifted in the art of weaving, but her tapestry offended Athena. This led to tragic consequences.
Neith - "One Who Is"
Neith is one of the oldest Egypptian goddesses. She was both a goddess of war and a goddess of weaving.
Orihime, Kengyuu and Tanabata
The star Vega is often called Orihime Boshi(Weaving Princess Star). When Vega is prominent in the night sky, the Tanabata festival celebrates improvement of technical skills and ability.
Penelope's Loom
"I turn back to my weaving searching the warp and weft for a pattern, a foundation I can use to build from this moment but all I can see is the unfinished portion."
Spinning Goddess & Migration Age Bracteates
The weapon by which the Germanic woman was known was the spindle, for the spindle was a tool of great might with which the wise spinner could wreak either weal or long-lasting woe.
Pandora, the first woman was fashioned by the Olympians. Athen taught her needlework and the weaving of webs.
The Lovers in the Stars
The young Weaving Lady wove all the garments for the gods in heaven.
The Norns
In Norse mythology, the Norns were 3 female deities whose spinning and weaving determined the fates of humans and gods alike.
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