Textile Craft Mailing Lists

A list for batik and tie-dye processes. To subscribe, send an email to majordomo@bear-buys.com with 'subscribe BATIK-ML' as the message.

Braids & Bands
Inkle, finger weaving, kumihimo, lucet, sprang and other techniques for making narrow bands and braids. Email majordomo@braidsociety.org with 'subscribe braidsandbands' as the message.

A Canadian list for handspinners, knitters, weavers and fibre artists.

A list for charkha spinners. The list owner is Teri Pittman.

A new list for those who are working on HGA's Certificate of Excellence - Weaving. The list leader is Robin Spady. To join, send an email to list-request@craftwolf.com with: 'subscribe coe-w' or 'subscribe coe-w-digest' in the Body of the message.

Creative Fibres
Send an email to the Listmom - Lorraine. The list is not high traffic but pops into your mailbox about twice a week.

Dyers List
A list for those interested in dyeing and surface design. The list is owned by Pat Williams. Send an email to listproc@list.emich.edu with: 'subscribe dyerslist YourName' as the message.

A list for feltmakers owned by Patricia Spark. Send an email to majordomo@maillist.PEAK.ORG with: 'subscribe feltmakers' as the message.

FiberArt & FiberArt-digest
A mailing list for those interested in spinning, using their handspun in weaving and occasionally in knitting and crochet. Send an email to list-request@craftwolf.com with: 'subscribe FiberArt' or subscribe FiberArt-digest' in the Body of the message.

An egroups mailing list owned by Pat Fly, for the discussion of fiberart, natural and exotic fibres, artists and shows.

Terry Locke manages this egroups list for the exchange of fibers and equipment.

An egoups list by Holly Shaltz, for those who raise fibre animals for the purpose of handspinning.

Owned by Ron Parker, this mailing list is for the fiber arts and crafts and related technologies. Email fibernet-request@imagiccomm.com with: 'subscribe' as the message.

FiberNet Digest
Owned by Ron Parker, the digest version of the mailing list for the fiber arts and crafts and related technologies. Email fibernet-digest-request@imagiccomm.com with: 'subscribe' as the message.

An egroup mailing list for fibre professionals, teachers, writers, production). Send Listmom Holly Schaltz a bio of your professional activities as membership is by approval only.

A list for all who are interested in fibre and fibre animals, owned by Louise Liddick.

All about goats, husbandry and veterinary info. The list is owned by Maxine Kinne and Gary Fredricks. Send an email to listproc@listproc.wsu.edu with: 'subscribe goats YourName' as the message.

An egroup list devoted to knot tying and macrame.

Wheat Carr is the Listmom for this list devoted to Japanese Kumihimo and other braiding techniques. Send an email to list-request@craftwolf.com with: 'subscribe Kumihimo AS youremailaddress' or 'subscribe Kumihimo-digest AS youremailaddress' for the digest version.

Liz Reynolds is the Listmom for lacemaking. Send an email to majordomo@arachne.com with: 'subscribe lace your email address' or 'subscribe lace-digest your email address' for the digest.

An egroup list for the discussion of nalbinding, its history, construction techniques, resources, and knotless netting.

Natural Dyes
An egroups list by Mara Riley for natural dye materials and discussions.

notJUSTsheep is for those who like to discuss fibre producing animals and how they use their fibre. Email Wheat Carr at list-request@craftwolf.com with: 'subscribe notsheep AS youremailaddress' or subscribe notsheep-digest AS youremailaddress' as the message.

fc1 PetBunny
A list dedicated to the care, feeding and socialization issues of pet rabbits. Email listserv@lsv.uky.edu with: 'subscribe petbunny' as the message.

Ply Split
For discussions on ply-split braiding, cord-making, and yarns, led by Linda Hendrickson. Email list-request@craftwolf.com with: 'subscribe PlySplit AS youremailaddress' as the message or 'subscribe PlySplit-digest AS youremailaddress' for the digest version.

Rug Weavers Workshop
A cyber rug weaving guild led by Pam Aossey.

SCA Card Weaving
An egroup focused list for the discussion of historical Tablet and Card Weaving.

A mailing list devoted to sheep husbandry, wool, health, owned by Torbjorn Wictorin. Email listserv@listserv.uu.se with: 'subscribe sheep-L' as the message.

A classified ad mailing list for beads, fibre supplies, books and equipment. Email list-request@craftwolf.com with: 'subscribe shop-list AS youremailaddress' as the message.

A list for the show, care, grooming and feeding of bunnies.

A private list for yarn shop owners, reps and manufacturers, owned by Bob Kelly. Email majordomo@skeins.com with: 'subscribe skeins yourname' or subscribe skeins-digest yourname' and provide proof of shop ownership.

Small Looms
An egroup for owners of small looms.

An egroup for general fibre discussions, handspinners, knitters, crocheters or other fibre lovers.

If you love hand spindles, this is the list for you.

The Spin List
From the newly initiated to the very experienced, this email list ranges from the care and feeding of fibres and equipment to the projects that use the yarn.

Tablet Weaving
Anyone with an interest in Tablet Weaving is welcome.

Tapestry weaving mailing list, owned by Kathe Todd-Hooker. Email majordomo@ncn.com with: 'subscribe tapestry' as the message.

Tech Spin
An egroup list for the technical discussion of spinning and related fibre topics such as preparation for the COE, wheel care and maintenance, fibre prep, dyeing and production spinning.

Weaving List
The "big" weaving list. Listmom is Leslie Carroll-Bartlett. Send an email to majordomo@quilt.net with: 'subscribe weaving' in the message area - not the subject line or 'subscribe weaving-digest' for the digest version.

Weaving List Archives
The archives of the weaving list.

Weaving Looms



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