Kumihimo Braiding

Projects, patterns and lessons on ply-split, sprang and other braiding techniques.

Kumihimo Braiding **NEW**
Braid & Embroidery
The making of Iga-kumihimo was introduced from the influencial countries on the Asian continent and the braids were used for Buddhist altars or Shinto implements and costumes.

Kumihimo Starter Kit
Braiders Hand
Makers of Japanese style braiding looms, marudai and takadai.
The history and characteristics of kumihimo are explained at this Japanese site.
A site that is being developed for kumihimo braiding, with links, and instructions.

You Tube - Kumihimo

A glossary of terms used in kumihimo braiding.
Kyoto Braid Art
A lovely site featuring traditional Japanese Kyoto braid artisans.
Spin 2 Knit
Spin2Knit describes the art of silk braiding and supplies Majacraft Kumihimo equipment.

More about Weaving Braids

Bands, Belts and Braids


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Kumihimo Braiding

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Chinese Knotting: Creative Designs that are Easy and Fun!


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