Knitting Patterns
Links to free knitting patterns and projects.
hat knitting
Knitted Socks
How to Knit with a Prym sock knitting loom.
Knit Hats
Knitted Motifs
Knitted Scarfs
Knitted Slippers
Knitted Vests
Knitting **NEW**

Finger Knitting - You Tube

Knitting Software
Software for both hand and machine knitters.
Dolly's Sweater
The sweater knit from Dolly, the cloned sheep.

You Tube - Continental Knitting with 2 Colors

Lego Knitting Machine
A knitting machine made of lego blocks, on You Tube.
The Last Knit
A knitting obsession on You Tube.
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Wallace & Gromit - Knitting in Bed
Hand Spun Knitting Yarn
hand spun knitting yarn
Look for one of a kind hand spun yarns in my Folksy shop.

More about Knitting

Crochet and Knitting at Free crochet projects and free knitting projects! We've also found the best tips and techniques to help you with your crochet patterns and knitting patterns! New free projects added weekly.
Adriafil - Knitting Instructions
From Adriafil in Italy, illustrated instructions for some knitting techniques.
Basic Knit Instructions
Illustrations for casting on, knitting the first row, binding off.
Cables, Eyelets & Bobbles
Vogue Knitting shows clearly illustrated techniques for knitting cables and eyelets.
Convert a Pullover to a Cardigan
Borealis Sweaterscapes shows how to change a pullover design to a cardigan.
Craftown - How to Knit
Illustrations for Casting on, Knitting, Purling, Increasing and decreasing stitches, Yarn over, Slip stitch and binding off.
Drop Stitches
The Vogue Knitting site has patterns for knitting dropped stitches.
Vogue Knitting explains how to determine your knitting gauge.
Invisible Seams
From Borealis Sweaterscapes, how to finish your knitted project with invisible seams.
Knit I-Cord to finish an edge.
Learn to knit Intarsia with these illustrated instructions.
Knitters Glossary and Abbreviations
Knitting techniques, terms and abbreviations from the Vogue Knitting site.
Knitting Patterns
Links to free knitting patterns on the Net.
Learn to Knit
From the Vogue Knitting website, an illustrated tutorial for the beginner knitter.
Pickup Up Stitches
An easy way to pick up stitches.
Ribs in Focus
From the Vogue Knitting site, a tutorial on knitting ribs.
Short Row Shaping
Instructions for shaping a neck opening.
Shoulder Seams
How to bind off front and back shoulder seams together.
A great site filled with yarn reviews and other resources for the knitter. Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Hollywood
Exclusive knitting and crochet patterns and free Knitting Tips newsletter from top LA designer.

Holiday Knitting

St. Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Easter Knitting
Hallowe'en Knitting
Christmas Knitting


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