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Kimono exhibit
Obi Sash
Clothing Patterns from the Weaving Room
A book filled with patterns you can sew easily with your handwoven fabrics.
Kimono Posters
Choose from a nice selection of kimono posters, to decorate your studio.

Kimono Books
Bette Gant has designed some kimono, tunic, and vest patterns that you can purchase on-line.
Deborah Brunner Arts
Deborah Brunner's designs feature fabrics pieced together to create imaginative and wearable art garments.
How to Make a Ki
Instructions are given on how to measure yourself for fit and how to sew a kimono.
Kimono - Sewing Process
Japanese students demonstrate how they learn to sew a kimono in school.
Kimono Nishigin
A Japanese kimono shop site with lovely examples of kimono, obi,t abi, hakama, hanten.

More about Kimono

Japanese Kimono - Museum for Textiles

Kimono Clipart
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Weaving Looms

Pattern books for sewing Japanese kimono.

The Book of Kimono: The Complete Guide to Style and Wear For women, there are formal kimono, obi and accessories, and the lightweight summer yukata; for men, the yukata and the ceremonial ensemble of kimono, haori coat and hakama skirt. Children's kimono for festive events are also described. UK: book of Kimono
Japanese Kimono Pattern: Folkwear 113
Unlined informal kimono (yukata) can be worn in various lengths, as a dress, coat, or robe. Pattern includes instructions for shibori dyeing, sashiko embroidery, and for making an informal obi or sash.
UK: Japanese Kimono Pattern
Make Your Own Japanese Clothes: Patterns and Ideas for Modern Wear
Step-by-step instructions for making 14 select traditional garments, from the luxurious wedding rove and the classic kimono to the informal hanten jacket and practical field pants.
UK: Make your own Japanese Clothes

Kindle Kimono Books

Kimono pattern from 1916.
UK: Kimono Vintage Pattern


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