Icelandic Crafts

About Icelandic Wool - The Icelandic wool is made up of two types of fibers, coarse and fine. While the former are long, glossy, tough and water resistant, the latter tend to be softer and more insulating, providing a high resistance to cold and possessing a unique texture and natural colors.

Handknitter's Association of Iceland
Frelsi Farm
Spinning Icelandic fleece.
Icelandic Fiber **NEW**
Iceland: Land of the Sagas
Landmark Visitors Guide Iceland (Landmark Visitors Guides) (Landmark Visitor Guide)
Edda - An Icelandic Saga - Myths From Medieval Iceland / Sequentia
Letters Home From Iceland [VHS]
Icelandic Knitting: Using Rose Patterns
Ethnic Knitting Exploration: Lithuania, Iceland, and Ireland
Iceland: Land of the Sagas
Samband of Iceland (The Original Icelandic Virgin Wool, No. 3)
The Best of Lopi
Iceland (Insight Guides)
Voices: A Thriller

Spinning Wheels


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