Felted Bags
Patterns for knitted and felted bags of all sorts
felted flower
Updated feltmaking pages
Needle Felted Christmas Ornaments
Make Christmas ornaments using cookie cutters - an easy felting project for a beginner needle felter.
Felted Placemat
Your kids will have fun making their own felt placemat. Here's how.

Knitted and Felted Christmas Stockings
Knit this Christmas stocking with handspun yarns and then felt it.
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Felt Dolls

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Handmade Felt
Illustrated instructions for making your own handmade felt.

How to Make Felt
A how-to on making your own handmade felt, in your bath tub.

Needle Felting
Instructions on how to make needle felted little people.
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Felted Valentines Pillow
Handmade felt is made using clean wool, hot water and soap. You can easily make this pillow in your kitchen sink.
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Coiled Wool Baskets
How to make a coiled basket using Fantti yarn (a thick felted wool yarn)
Nuno Felting
Nuno felting wool onto silk.
How to make handmade paper using polypores.
Valentine's Day Feltmaking Projects
Hallowe'en Feltmaking
Special felting projects for Hallowe'en'
Thanksgiving Day Feltmaking Crafts
Christmas Feltmaking Projects


Angela Barrow
Angela Barrow is a feltmaker and gives workshops on feltmaking techniques.
Felt Faction
Elina Saari is a very talented felt artist, who makes unique and fun hats and other felted items. Click on the links to see her work in action.
Needle Felting Kits
Make squirrels, rabbits, sheep and more with a needle felting kit by Heather Wells.
Needle Felting Tutorial
Nicole Hindes shows how to needle felt.
Tonttu Gallery
Felted dolls from Finland.
Needle Felted Lady Bug
Directions for needle felting a lady bug.
Needle Felt a Doll
Sharon Costello has instructions for making a needle felted doll.
A Felting Project in Greenland
Greenland had 20-30 tons of wool that used to be burned. Birgitte Krag Hansen was asked to assist in the development of felted projects that could provide an economic initiative for the local wool industry.
Felting Equipment
Fleece, handcards, felting boards and a project for making a felted ball.
Fireside Basics Santa  
Kris Crawford designed, sculpted and decorated this Santa doll with handmade felt, handspun, and handknit yarns from 8 different breeds of sheep.
Groz-Beckert KG
Groz-Beckert is a manufacturer of needles for felting, knitting machines and sewing.
Heart Felt Creations
Cindie and Bob Etienne make wool felt hat blanks of different era's and block them on hat molds. They also demonstrate felt hat making and  teach various Early American skills and do demonstrations at schools, camps, etc

How to Measure Precent of Shrinkage
Shelby Cefaratti shows the process of making felt and how to estimate the percentage of shrinkage.
Outback Fibers: Tips
Outback Fibers has some great tips for beginner felters.
Peace Fleece
Peace Fleece has fibre for felting as well as kits for making pillows, felted flocks, bunnies, pumpkin earrings and other fun projects.

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Felt Dolls
Felting and Papermaking

Holiday Feltmaking

Valentine's Day Felt
Easter Feltmaking
Halloween Feltmaking
Christmas Feltmaking


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Felting Kits

Feltmaking Books

Uniquely Felt UK: Uniquely Felt
Feltmaking (The Art of Crafts) Clear step-by-step instructions to make a series of projects, from beginner to masterclass and on the way you will learn about sheep and wool, the historical and anthropological background to feltmaking, and its mythology. UK: Feltmaking
Felting - The Complete Guide Combine painting and sculpture, wrap it up in the delightful texture of wool, and you have felting. UK: Felting
Little Felted Animals: Create 16 Irresistible Creatures with Simple Needle-Felting Techniques How to make the cutest little miniature animals, using just a few simple tools and some wool roving. UK: Little Felted Animals

Kindle Feltmaking

Quick And Clever Felting Kindle Edition range of easy-to-follow techniques including needle felting, wet felting, fulling and using store-bought felt fabric are explored though projects such as jewelry, flower corsages, bags, slippers, cushions and more.
UK: Quick and Clever Felting
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