Charkha Spinning

Black Sheep Gathering
Lori Cobb demonstrates spinning on a charkha at the Black Sheep Gathering.
Charkha Instruction Manual
An instruction manual for assembling a Charkha foldable spinning wheel.
Charkha Mailing List
A special mailing list for those interested in Charka spinning, run by listmom Teri Pittman.

Babe Little Spider Charkha Wheel
Darjeeling Woman
A photo of a Darjeeling woman spinning on a charkha.
Epigrams - Charkha
I believe that the yarn we spin is capable of mending the broken warp and woof of our life. Epigrams and quotations from Mahatma Gandhi.
Gobar Times - Gandhian Keywords
Literally, it means "spinning wheel". It was the only machine Gandhi liked; everybody could use it, it was inexpensive, and it did not turn the user into its slave.
Man Behind the Mahatma
Gandhi lived his life as an example for the world to follow. The charkha was his tool
"But why spin every day? Is it not enough if we spin now and then for the cloth we need? But then, this would only be a worldly or secular activity. Spinning daily is spiritual; it indicates an inner desire to do what we can for our country. The thread we spin binds us day by day..."
Setting Up a Charkha
How to put a book style charkha together.
Charkha **NEW**
Handspinning Information
Drop Spindles and Spinning Wheels


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