Free Christmas Beading Patterns
Beadwork **NEW**

Lampwork Glass beads mix
Aunt Molly's Bead Street
Aunt Molly's has a selection of loomwork bead strip patterns.
Peace and Unity
Patterns of a dove and peace symbol.
Beading My Life Away
A nice collection of patterns you can download for beadwork, or even woven tapestry or inlay design ideas. (swans, cardinals, dogwood, lighthouse, horse, rose) >
Hecuba's Bead Graphics
Amulet Purses
Beautiful beaded purses designed by Kathi Lawson. Her site also has some lovely beadwork graphics and clipart.
Amulet Bag
An off-loom amulet bag from CraftsnLace.
Beadweaving Basics
Simple instructions for using a beadloom.
Beading Samplers
Beadwrangler has excellent instructions for making a wide variety of beading stitches.
Bell Flower
The Native Essence website has free beadwork patterns for the beginner and more advanced beader.
Peyote Stitch Pouch
A lovely bag woven in tubular peyote stitch.
Spiral Rope Chain
How to make a spiral rope chain.
How to make stars of any size.

Holiday Beadwork

St. Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Christmas Beadwork
Bead-covered Mummy
Archaeologists have just discovered a mummy wrapped in beadwork and black linen. The coffins had inscriptions that dated to the 26th Dynasty, and had a statue of a god called Petah Sakar who was the god of artisans.
Beadwork on You Tube
How-to videos on beadweaving.
Beadwork Books
Look for new books about beadwork at our updated bookshop.


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Beadwork Books

Native American Beadwork: Traditional Beading Techniques for the Modern-Day Beadworker
Indian Bead-Weaving Patterns: Chain-Weaving Designs Bead Loom Weaving and Bead Embroidery - An Illustrated "How-To" Guide
All Wired Up: Wire Techniques For the Beadworker and Jewelry Maker (Beadwork How-To)
North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment
Beaded Tassels, Braids & Fringes
Beading in the Native American Tradition
Beading on a Loom (Beadwork How-To)
Decorative Beaded Purses (Beadwork Books)
Bead Art
A Treasury of Beaded Jewelry: Bead Stringing Patterns for All Ages
Bead Fantasies: Beautiful, Easy-to-Make Jewelry
Findings & Finishings (Beadwork How-To)
Beadwork Creates Bracelets
Netted Beadwork (Beadwork How-To)
Three Dimensional Beadwork
The Beader's Guide to Color


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