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Cedar Bark Baskets
Anna Billy shows how to make cedar bark baskets, at the Gibsons Landing Fibre Festival.
cedar basket
Coiled Wool Basket
Instructions for making a coiled basket using Fantti wool yarn.

Karelian Basketry
The making of Karelian birch baskets, naalbinding, felting and other traditional crafts were part of an EU project, Handiscola.

Disappearing Acts: How to Weave a Basket
The Guardian visits basketmaker Jon Henley.
Basketry on You Tube
Links to great how-to videos on basketry making
Basketmakers's former Basketry Guide, Susi Nuss has moved her material to a new website.

Holiday Basketry

Valentine's Day Baskets

Easter Baskets


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Basket Weaving

Basketry Books

Splint Woven Basketry 30 elegant basket styles using splint materials--wood and grass pounded or split into flat strips. Shapes include traditional egg, melon, feather, cradle, oriole, shaker, and others.
Natural Baskets Natural Baskets features baskets and garden ornaments of barks such as birch and red pine; grasses and leaves such as cattails, cornhusks, yucca, iris, and pine needles; vines such as red-twig dogwood, willow, and honeysuckle; and horsehair.
Handmade Baskets: From Nature's Colourful Materials Handmade Baskets emphasizes collecting natural materials for basketry.
The Art of Basketry This is a guide through basic and progressively more complex basketry techniques illustrated with Lonning’s rattan reed baskets.
Twill Basketry: A Handbook of Designs Techniques, and Styles Basic blocks and diamond patterns as well as variations on the two; creating folded baskets, undulating twills and double weaving.
Pine Needle Basketry: From Forest Floor to Finished Project Create picturesque pine needle baskets, miniatures, trays, pencil holders and more. Special sections address dyeing needles, making lids and handles, techniques, and gathering and storing materials.
Indian Basket Weaving Basic techniques — preparation of the reed, splicing, introduction of color, shaping and finishing, more. Also descriptions of a great variety of weaves — Lazy Squaw, Mariposa, Taos, Shilo
Hopi Basket Weaving: Artistry in Natural Fibers This book is filled with photographs and detailed descriptions of their beautiful baskets--the one art, above all others, that creates the strongest social bonds in Hopi life. In these pages, weavers open their lives to the outside world as a means of sharing an art form especially demanding of time and talent. The reader learns how plant materials are gathered in canyons and creek bottoms, close to home and far away.
Appalachian White Oak Basketmaking: Handing Down Basket
Baskets: A Book for Makers and Collectors This book offers inspiration and instruction, beginning with the tools and materials, basic techniques and dyes and continuing to various techniques.
Handmade Baskets: 28 Beautiful Baskets to Make for Your Home A glossary of terms, descriptions and drawings of tools and materials, an explanation of weaving variations, and answers to technical questions.
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