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Textile Postage Stamps - Spain


Postage stamps - Spain 1989
Bobbin lacemaking


Postage stamps - Spain 1976

Textiles Postage Stamps


Ebay Finds

GREAT BRITAIN: 1982 British Textiles 4vals MNH Sg1192/95 - Current price: $1.29 - Auction

BELGIUM : 1948 Textile Machinery 4F ultramarine SG 1226 MNH - Current price: $12.34

Israel Airmail Export (I) 1968 Chicken Airplane Textile Art Craft (stamp) MNH - Current price: $4.90

(87828) GB PHQ FDI Textiles Royal School Needlework 23 July 1982 - Current price: $3.38

- Current price: $2.99

Canada 1992 Textiles set of Five stamps on First Day Cover - Current price: $3.65

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