Papermaking with Polypores

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Dyers Week in Finland. One of the courses that was going on was how to make paper with Polypores or Fungi.

Here’s how:
The polypores are collected and then left to soak in water for several hours to soften them.

After soaking the polypores, chop them into small pieces and put into a blender to create a pulp.

Pour the pulp into a shallow tray.

Lay a piece of cotton fabric onto a wire mesh paper form.

Place the form into the pulp mixture and lift it up, letting the excess water run off.

Lay the top part of the paper form onto the pulp mixture and press it down.

Use a sponge to squeeze out any remaining water.

Remove the top part of the form, invert the form carefully and place it onto a cloth.

Use a rolling pin to flatten the paper and remove extra moisture.

Remove the piece of fabric from the handmade paper carefully.

If there are any holes or breaks in the paper, you can put the paper back into the pulp mixture and try again.

Once you are happy with the results of your handmade paper, lay it between several layers of newspaper and let it dry.

polypore paper
Polypore paper

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paper478.jpg, 29338 bytes

paper479.jpg, 31762 bytes

paper480.jpg, 42316 bytes

paper481.jpg, 51339 bytes

paper482.jpg, 38046 bytes

paper510.jpg, 42686 bytes

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