Weaving Looms

Weaving looms, big and small, rigid heddle, computer dobby, beadlooms, used looms or build your own.

About Looms

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Suppliers and projects for beadlooms.

Loom Building
Patterns and instructions for making your own loom.

Used Equipment
Thinking of buying recycled wheels or looms? Here are some places that offer used equipment.

Small Looms
Inkle, card, frame, backstrap looms, finger weaving,braids, lucets.

Cardboard Box Loom Project
You don’t need expensive equipment to weave. A flat piece of cardboard or a cardboard box can easily turn into a loom that you can weave mug rugs, placemats or intricate tapestries on.

Computers and Looms
Modern computer technology wouldn’t be where it is today without the loom.

Jacquard Looms
Photos of a Jaquard loom at the Science Museum in London.

Junk Store Treasures
A photo gallery of antique looms and weaving equipment.

Loom Maintenance
Proper maintenance and cleaning of your loom, will keep it in good running order.

A photo gallery of looms on display at the Museum for Textiles: Warp-weighted, backstrap, Ground, Foot, Vertical Beam looms.
Backstrap loom
Warp weighted loom
Ground loom
Vertical beam loom

My New Loom
My latest loom purchase is an 8 shaft countermarche Snickeri loom – wonderful!

Weaving Books

The Weaver’s Book: Fundamentals of Handweaving
UK: Fundamentals of Handweaving

Key to Weaving: A Textbook of Hand-Weaving Techniques and Pattern Drafts for the Beginning Weaver
A definitive guide to handloom weaving: step-by-step instructions, intricacies of color, fiber and how to use them effectively.
UK: Key to Weaving

Weaving For Worship Handweaving for Churches and Synagogues
UK: Weaving for Worship

..More Weaving Books

Aarhus Weaving Center
Diane and Bill Marshall provide fine weaving equipment including Harrisville Looms and produce award winning rugs and blankets.

Apple Hollow Farm
Apple Hollow has a wide selection of new and used looms, spinning wheels, yarns, fibres, classes and weaving tales to amuse.

AK:s Snickeri
A Swedish site featuring Snickeri looms (similar to Glimakra countermarche)

AVL Looms
AVL floor, dobby and computerized looms for the “structure” weaver.

Beka Looms
Lambs Ear Farm carries a selection of Beka Inkle and Rigid heddle looms.

C. L. Blomqvist – Weaving Equipment
Sweden’s C.L. Blomqvist is a mail-order supplier with a wide selection of weaving equipment: reeds, shuttles, swifts, loom benches, texsolv, and yarns.

Camilla Valley Farm
Camilla Valley Farm, located north of Toronto, Ont, provides quality supplies for weavers, including Leclerc looms and warping tools.

Craft Design Plans
David Bryant has loom plans for those who would like to make their own loom.

Elkhorn Mountains Weaving Studio
Joanne Hall sells beautiful Swedish Andersson looms. Her website is also full of useful FAQ info, loom tie-up instructions, and a glossary.

The Fiber Studio
The Fiber Studio in Henniker, NH has looms in all shapes and sizes, from children’s to table and floor looms.

Dundas Loom Company
The Dundas Loom Company in Missoula MT makes finely crafted Dundas looms and weaving products.

Gunnar Andersson’s Vavskedfabrik
Reeds, bobbin winders, swifts, warping mills, and looms of Swedish pine, both Glimakra and Oxberg.

Harrisville Designs
Harrisville looms come in kit form, in 4 and 8 shaft varieties as well as sturdy rug looms.

Housecleaning Pages
This is a great place to look for and to list used looms, spinning wheels and other equipment.

Leclerc Looms
Canadian-made Leclerc looms: jack, inkle, computer-dobby and the new Voyageur.

Louet is a wholesale distributor of looms, spinning wheels, yarns and fibres. Products may be purchased from Louet retailers.

Mountain Loom
Mountain Loom Company offers precision-engineered looms for the hobbyist and professional alike.

Shannock Tapestry Looms
Looms, yarns, bobbins and beaters for the tapestry weaver.

Mountain Spun Farm
Mountain Spun Farm has a bit of something for everyone. Triangle looms, spinning tools, Shetland and Romney sheep, Angora and Cashmere goats, angora bunnies and other fibre and fleece.

Leesburg Looms and Supply
Leesburg Looms has handcrafted table and floor looms and weaving supplies.

Stansfields of Almondbury
Stansfields of Almondbury have been making hand looms for the textile industry for over 60 years. Their beautifully crafted looms are constructed from southern Yello Pine.

The Loomster is a new type of loom for weaving non-traditional materials and large sized projects up to 3 metres wide.

Table Looms by the Germains
Table looms in 8, 12 and 16 shafts. Also weaving accessories including Angel Wings and reed feet.

The Texsolv Runlock system of heddles and tie-up cord can be adapted to almost any loom. This site explains how to use texsolv and gives examples of types of tie-ups illustrated with diagrams.

Steel Heddle
Accessories for your looms: reeds, heddles harness frames.

Travelin’ Troubadours of Ohio

The Travelin’ Trobadours of Ohio have combined music along with weaving. A senior citizen who makes her own music and sells looms as well as creates midi music and her own web pages!

Carl Spriggs of Carol Leigh’s Specialties has developed this unique triangular loom that dresses itself.

Weavers Friend
Janet Meany has an excellent resource library of manuals for historic looms.

WeaversGuild looms are made in British Columbia, Canada. You can choose from counterbalance floor looms or bead and tapestry looms. The site also includes a free Swiss Christmas star pattern that you can make using soda straws.

Wild West Weaver On-line Catalog
Wild West Weaver’s Navajo weaving supplies, yarns and wools.

Woolhouse Tools
Woolhouse Tools in Armstrong, British Columbia makes beautiful table and floor looms, shuttles, ball-winders and other weaving accessories.

Yarn Barn
The Yarn Barn has a wide variety of floor, rug and tapestry weaving looms and spinning equipment: Reeves, Schacht, Toika, Glimakra, Dundas, Harrisville, Mirrix.

Halfway Tree Loom Construction
Halfway Tree has lots of information on building your own floor or table loom with references to books and building plans.

How to Build a Frame Loom
Easy to follow diagrams for building your own simple frame loom.

EBay Watch – Weaving Looms


Spin-off magazine spring 1996: QIVIUT, ANGORA FELT

Spin-off magazine spring 1996: QIVIUT, ANGORA FELT
Current price:
Ends in:
0d 0h 31m
Spin-off magazine spring 1996: QIVIUT, ANGORA FELT
Seller: eBay

Metal Bead Loom, Jelewery Maker, For Bead Weaving 12 x 3/4

Metal Bead Loom, Jelewery Maker, For Bead Weaving 12 x 3/4
Current price:
Ends in:
0d 0h 44m
Metal Bead Loom, Jelewery Maker, For Bead Weaving 12 x 3/4
Seller: eBay

4 Issues on CD: HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE 2005 Weaving Fabric Linen Lace Table Runners

4 Issues on CD: HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE 2005 Weaving Fabric Linen Lace Table Runners
Current price:
Ends in:
0d 0h 45m
4 Issues on CD: HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE 2005 Weaving Fabric Linen Lace Table Runners
Seller: eBay

Loom Wooden Colonial New in Package Unopened VTG

Loom Wooden Colonial New in Package Unopened VTG
Current price:
No. of bids so far:
Ends in:
0d 0h 52m
Loom Wooden Colonial New in Package Unopened VTG
Seller: eBay

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