Lace Suppliers

Lacis has an extensive selection of threads, ribbons, tools and supplies for lacemaking, and tatting.

Larkholme Lace
Painted handturned, machine, and aluminum bobbins, lace tools, brooches, needlecases and other lacemakings.

Malcolm Fielding’s Lace Bobbin Shop
Malcolm Fielding’s Lace Bobbin Shop in Australia has superb bobbins of ebony, rosewood, pink ivorywood decorated with brass inlay.

SMP Lacemaking Supplies
SMP Lace in the U.K. supplies lacemakers throughout the world with bobbins, pillows, threads and other tools.

Supplies for bobbin, tatted, knitted, netted and other types of lacemaking.

The Lacemaker
Bobbin lace, tatting, needlework, thread and other supplies for lacemaking.

Theo Brejaart
Theo Brejaart in the Netherlands imports and exports lacemaking tools, pins, fabrics, pillows, bobbins, graph paper and accessories.

Allhallows Museum
Allhallows Museum tells of the history of the lacemaking industry in Honiton, Devon, England.

Agnes De Rea
This site was fun to visit. It has lots of nice lace displays with bobbin lace made in the French tradition and attractive graphics.

Birth of a Bobbin
Here are step-by-step instructions for turning a bobbin on a lathe.

Bone Lace Bobbins
Bone lace bobbins from Steven and Hilary Pearce.

Lace Bobbins by Chris Parsons
Hand turned and handpainted lace bobbins.

Lace Design – Spinning a Yarn
Be sure to set aside some time looking at all the other wonderful articles and patterns about lacemaking.

Leisa ReFalo
Leisa ReFalo displays her gallery of Maltese Lace.

Manie Kriel
Manie Kriel has tried lots of different types of fine laces.

Retournac’s Lace Manufactures’ Museum
Bobbin Lace patterns are available from the collections of Retournac’s Lace Manufactures’ Museum.

Saraphi Handmade Silk Lace
Bobbin Lace from An international award-winning Designer, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Finnish Lace
A Finnish site featuring exquisite examples of lace.

Van Sciver Bobbin Lace & Lacemaking
Books, videos, patterns pillows, continental, English and antique bobbins and other supplies for the lacemaker.

Bobbin Lace

Bobbin Lacemaking
How to steps in making bobbin lace.

Lace making Books

The Technique of Bobbin Lace
A progressive series of patterns to work through, starting with clear geometric shapes which gain in complexity.
UK: Technique of Bobbin Lace

Torchon Lacemaking: A Manual of Techniques
Torchon lacemaking is ideal for the beginner as it is geometric, and mistakes are easily corrected and is also a stepping stone to other forms of lacemaking.
UK: Torchon Lacemaking

Miniature Bobbin Lace (Master Craftsmen)
Create breathtaking dollhouse interiors in Torchon or Bedfordshire lace with more than 42 projects.
UK: Miniature Bobbin Lace

more lacemaking books

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