I decided that my new Kindle needs a bit of protection from bashing about in my purse. I handspun some merino roving into a single ply yarn at 8 tpi and knit this up into a sleeve, and then felted it. Here’s how.

Knitting Pattern

Cast on 48 stitches onto double point needles No. 4 UK.
Knit in the round for 50 rows, using plain knit stitch.
I also knit a rose motif design into the middle of the sleeve, to add a bit of decoration.
Knit Rose Motif
You could also knit your initials into the sleeve to personalize it.
Purl for the last 3 rows to give an edge finish to the sock.
I made the Kindle sleeve about an inch larger than the size of the Kindle to allow for shrinkage during felting.
Sew up the bottom of the sleeve.


I put the knitted Kindle sock into my front loading washer along with a few tea towels, and set it onto a 15 minute quick wash cycle.

felted kindle sock

After machine felting, the Kindle sleeve hadn’t felted enough yet to fit the Kindle properly, so I decided to continue the felting process by hand.

I wrapped the sock with bubble wrap and added a bit of warm water and dish soap to it, and continued to roll the felt on the kitchen counter.
I checked it frequently and rotated the sock around so that it would felt evenly.
Add some more hot water and continue felting until the wool shrinks to the size of the Kindle.

Shape it and block it to fit. Let dry.

Kindle felted sock cover

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