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Feature articles and information about weaving, spinning, feltmaking, knitting and other fiber arts and textile crafts.

Transparency Christmas Ornament Project
As part of our recent exchange, I made these transparency ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments
Photos of some of the ornaments in our recent exchange.

Weaving in the Andes
A woven journey to Peru.

Visit to a Hemp Farm
I was fortunate to be able to visit one of the first hemp crops grown in Canada.

Weaving: Where to Begin, Part 2
Join a local weavers guild for support.

Weaving: Where to Begin
The Net is a great place to begin to learn about weaving.

The Correct Sett
How to figure out what sett to use.

GCW Test Program
An overview of the Guild of Canadian Weavers master weaver test requirements.

The Guild of Canadian Weavers
The Guild of Canadian Weavers has done much to promote hand weaving in Canada.

The Doukhobors
The Doukhobors spun their own flax for their clothing.

Bands, Belts and Braids
Weaving narrow bands or braids has endless possibities.

Product Labeling
Some things you need to know when labeling your handwovens for sale.

HWSDA Conference ’98
I had the pleasure of attending the Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers conference in Calgary, AB.

Hemp, Part 2
Industrial hemp is now legal to grow in Canada.

Hemp, used for textiles for centuries, is back.

Blanket + Dog = Disaster Contest
A contest to fix my blanket.

The Heard Museum
A visit to the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ was a definite weaving highlight of my recent vacation.

Fulled Cloth
How to full a woollen blanket.

Finishing Yardage
When your yardage comes off the loom, the process is not yet complete.

The Japanese Kimono
From hemp to silk, the kimono has a long tradition in Japan.

>Weaving in Ireland
A quick visit to handweavers and mills in Ireland.

Rya – A Brief History
A short history of the rya in Scandinavia.

Using Natural Dyes
Dyeing with Brazilwood, Indigo and Osage Orange.

Natural Dyes and Mordants
Using Alum and Tin mordants on wool.

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    Experience the magic of nature! Learn to naturally dye fabrics through the modern process of eco-printing. Eco-printing is a technique in which plants, leaves and flowers leave their shapes, color, and...
  • Shape Shifting (LaPointe, WI)
    In this class we will study photographs and slides of a variety of historic and ethnic decorative objects to help uncover some of the motifs and symbols which may have powerful personal resonance. Each...
  • Sculpting Hollow Form: Application of Partial Felt Density (Coupeville, WA)
    Wool fiber is typically wrapped around either a pre-existing form such as a ball or balloon or a 2-D flat resist made from a variety of materials impenetrable by the fibers in order to felt hollow forms....
  • From Watercolor to Quilt (LaPointe, WI)
    Abstract watercolor paintings will be created the first day using 10 different painting techniques that will leave the student with many paintings to choose from. Techniques include, transparent layered...