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Feature articles and information about weaving, spinning, feltmaking, knitting and other fiber arts and textile crafts.
Tapestry Weaving
Tapestry offers a much broader medium to work with than paint.
Christmas Wish List
What to give the weaver or spinner that you know.
From scarves to blankets, chenille offers numerous possibilities.
Mohair is known as the diamond fiber.
Sally Fox Update
An update on Sally Fox and the results of the Colored Cotton Advisory Committee Meeting in Arizona.
Knitting with Handspun Yarn
Knitting with your handspun yarn is easy.
Weaving & Spinning Terms
For fun, try this word search puzzle.
Double Twist Leno
This is the second article in a series about weaving leno lace.
This is the first article in a series about weaving leno lace.
Ikat weaving involves careful planning and precision dyeing of the warp.
Children and Textiles
Children love to experience new materials and make new things. fiber is a great medium to explore.
Angora Scarf Project
The weather is getting chilly. Time to make something warm.
Pricing your Handwoven Products
How do you determine a price for your handwoven products?
Weavers developed the colours of the tartans, using natural dyestuffs found in their region.
Linen Table Runner Project
Linen woven in a braided twill design gives these table runners a touch of elegance.
Kool-Aid Colours Project
Dyeing with Kool-Aid is easy and produces lovely colours.

A Day in the Life of an Artisan
Running a home-based business requires a variety of skills and there’s never a dull moment.
Silk Wallets Project
Using the mawata silk described in previous article, I wove it into silk wallets.
Flax Retting
One of a continuing number of articles on flax processing.
WeaveIt 2.0
A test run of the demo version of WeaveIt 2.0 by Canyon Art Company.

Mawata – Silk Caps Project
Mawata silk caps are an adventure to work with.
Silk Worms
Silk fiber is as strong as steel, but can be spun and woven into the most delicate of fabrics.
Foxfiber – Vresis
If you use Foxfiber naturally coloured cotton, Sally Fox needs your support.
Have you had the pleasure of spinning or weaving with alpaca yet? If not, you’re in for a treat.

A book review.
Loom Care
Proper care of your loom will give you many years of trouble-free weaving.

Metric Conversions
Converting from inches to metric? Or what is a lea, anyway?
Contrary to popular belief, not all wool is rough and itchy.
Viking Textiles
It is commonly thought that Viking clothing was rough “sack-cloth”. Not so.
Of all natural fibers available, I think flax qualifies as truly a miracle fiber.
Persian carpets
Some of the oldest carpets discovered date back to the 7th Century.
Angora Rabbits
Angora rabbits are loved for their exceptional fiber and charming personalities.
Navajo Rugs
Navajo rugs are still being made today using traditional methods.

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