Weaving in the Andes
A woven journey to Peru.

Zapotec Rugs
The Zapotec have a long tradition of weaving in their culture.

One World
A commercial site that specializes in textiles from the Andean regions of Bolivia.

Maya Textiles
A visual essay of Mayan textiles that combines Mayan weaving, photography and text to present the culture and history of the people.

Mayan Hair Sashes
Colourful photos of Mayan backstrap weaving in Jacaltenango, Guatemala.

Olga Fisch Folklore
Olga Fisch, a Hungarian artist, recognized the vast potential of the folk artisans of Ecuador. The rug making process is described and the colourful rugs and tapestries show the creative talent of these textile artists.

Patagonia Gifts
Artisan Mapuche weavings and wall hangings spun on traditional spinning wheels (rueca) and dyed with vegetable dyes.

PicBil Weaving

Endangered Threads
Educational documentaries recording endangered indigenous art forms, especially those in imminent threat of disappearing due to global economic expansion and the resulting homogenization of cultures.

Weaving Looms – EBay Watch


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