Bands and Braids: braiding

Making woven braids, narrow bands, ply-split braiding, cords, tablet weaving.

Information about making kumihimo braids.

Bands Belts and Braids

Double Slot Rigid Heddle
The Saami and others in Scandinavia wove belts with complex designs using a double hole rigid heddle.

Beaivi Sami Loom
A video on how to weave using a Sami weaving loom.

Linda Hendrickson
Linda Hendrickson’s site is full of info on ply-split braiding, tablet weaving, cords and kits.

Patterned Sprang
Once you’ve mastered the basics of Sprang, you can also do patterns.

Ply-Split Samples
Phiala’s web pages show examples of ply-split braids.

Sprang Bags
From Phiala’s site, a project for making a Sprang bag.

A Swedish site featuring braid weaving supplies.

Weavers Hand
A great resource list for weaving braids and bands of all types.

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Weaving Books: Bands and Braids

Inkle Weaving
UK: Inkle Weaving

Card Weaving
With nothing more than colored yarn and simple cardboard squares, crafters can produce exquisitely patterned woven bands.
UK: Card Weaving

.. more Braiding books ..



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