Cardboard Box Loom - Twill

Another type of common design in weaving is Twill. To weave twill 2 warp threads are raised and the next 2 warp threads are lowered. On the following row, the next 2 threads are picked up and the following 2 warp threads are lowered. This results in a diagonal design running either to the right or left depending on the direction that you are weaving.

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”http://allfiberarts.com/2011/bltwill.htm” image_url=”http://allfiberarts.com/library/graphics/weave/boxloom3.jpg” description=”Weaving Twill on a Box Loom “]

If you number the warp threads: 1,2,3,4 (repeat)

Row 1

Pick up threads 1 and 2, skip over threads 3 and 4, pick up 1 and 2, skip 3, 4 (repeat).

Pass the weft yarn through the open shed.

Row 2
On the 2nd row, move over 1 warp thread from the previous row, and pick up the next 2 threads and lower the following 2.

Skip warp thread 1

Pick up warp threads 2 and 3

Skip threads 4 and 1

Pick up threads 2 and 3

Skip threads 4 and 1

Repeat to the end, and pass the weft thread through the open shed.

Row 3

Skip warp threads 1 and 2

Pick up threads 3 and 4

Repeat to the end of the row and pass the weft thread through the open shed.

Row 4
Pick up warp thread 1

Skip threads 2 and 3

Pick up threads 4 and 1

Skip threads 2 and 3

Pick up threads 4 and 1

Repeat this sequence to the end of the row and pass the weft thread through the open shed.

On a 4 shaft loom, the weaving draft for twill would look like this:

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”http://allfiberarts.com/2011/bltwill.htm” image_url=”http://allfiberarts.com/library/graphics/weave/twill.jpg” description=”Weaving Twill on a Box Loom “]

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