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Cotton Fields

When I was a little bitty baby
My mama done rock me in the cradle
In them old cotton fields back home
It was back in louisiana
Just about a mile from texarkana
In them old cotton fields back home

Let me tell you now well got me in a fix
I caught a nail in my tire doing lickitey splits
I had to walk a long long way to town
Came upon a nice old man well he had a hat on
Wait a minute mister can you give me some directions
I gonna want to be right off for home

Don’t care if them cotton balls get rotten
When I got you baby, who needs cotton
In them old cotton fields back home
Brother only one thing more that’s gonna warm you
A summer’s day out in california
It’s gonna be those cotton fields back home

It was back in louisiana
Just about a mile from texarkana
Give me them cotton fields
(it was back in louisiana)
Let me hear it for the cotton fields
(just about a mile from texarkana)
You know that there’s just no place like home

Well boy it sure feels good to breathe the air back home
You shoulda seen their faces when they seen how I grown
In them old cotton fields back home

Cotton Fields

Creedance Clearwater Revival

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Chronicle, Vol. 2: Twenty Great CCR Classics (Remastered) – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Cotton Fields
Harry Belafonte

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